365/ week 39


It's been a short week, and I've got zero complaints. At least a short week in the office.  The thing about being a creative is that I'm working on and off throughout any day.  So the long labor day weekend had me still doing a couple photoshoots, but I was blessed to have the whole family tribe and we went up to North Idaho to hike and play.  It was overly long over due for sure! This summer has been off, and we haven't had time as a family like we usually do.  So getting some camping time in made all of us happy little clams.


Between this little getaway, and a couple hard ma'ma lesson's this week, I've really been contemplating the hustle of our day to day and how we teach our kids to move move move like their in army camp.  Hurry up and wait kids, that's just life.

I don't know, it just doesn't sit well with me.

I know deadlines need to be met...my clients wouldn't be thrilled with me otherwise.  But there's got to be a balance of embracing the chaos, of learning to roll with the punches.  To teach my kids the joy of life, not the drudgery of work.

This is just ramble's of thoughts of a ma'ma trying to figure out this motherhood thing.

When I was in school, the kids saw me doing projects, and studying hard for tests, and now with both of them in school...they both treat it like their in college.  And in a way I'm like "YAASSSS! They will be hard working students" but then I also feel bad.  Because let's be honest, no five-year old needs to treat Kindergarten like a Junior in college.

On that note, I'm in Portland to shoot an amazing wedding despite the horrible Eagle Creek Fire and I'm ready to keep finding the balance between creative, working, and being a mama.  

Any other parents out there have this struggle? Or mastered it? I'd love to hear what works for your little mini-humans!

With Grace and Guts,