Idaho: Here we are (personal post)


If you've been following me for the last year or so, you'll know I've mentioned my soon-to-be move to Portland, OR as this is where my husbabe has been working since last January. I've quit my pt-time jobs, pulled my kids out of activities, even packed half of the house in boxes TWICE then to back pedal and re-set everything.
To keep a long drawn on story short and sweet, for the last 7-years I've been in a custody battle for my daughter whom I had with my ex-husband. Keeping my daughter out of his care is pivital for her saftey, and so to ensure her case is handled appropriatly and to avoid to emotional tolling yo-yo of "yes we're moving" "no, we're not", "yes we are", we have recently decided to keep our roots based here in North Idaho for the time being (however, So Cal and Portland, OR are still on our "we will live there" lists) so Idaho isn't a forever deal.
That being said, for the first while I was super upset, because I thought I was finally getting to do something on my terms, as our lives have revolved around this case for 7-years. However, something that came to my attention this last has never been on my terms...or the custody's terms. It's been on God's terms and I, someone who deeply struggles with the need to control and lacks patience, is just going to have to get over it.
So, this Wednesday, my husband and I decided we're going to have the additude of "We're starting new, this is the start of a new chapter as something is deffinatly making a point that we stay in Idaho" versus "Poor us, boo hoo us, we can't move, we're the victums".
SOOOO...that being said to all my clients: If you've already booked with me for Oregon this year...or not fret...our sessions are still on and I'm so jazzed that I get to come photograph you in one of my most belovid states. Annnd, if you hadn't booked with me because you knew I was moving...well...please message me! I just released my full travel schedule and I'm so thrilled to be capturing all these Idaho love stories but also travel all over the PNW and California (and hey take me anywhere you want cause this girl has always got the travel bug!)
I want to extend my deepest graditude for all of the love and support I've gotten over the last almost 18-months as my family went through this very tough season. And thank you to everyone who despite it all has shown me love and grace, and has been so so supportive. I love you all! You allow me to follow my passion and my dream and for that I can never say thank you enough!
So thats that. Idaho, we're here to stay for the time. So keep showing me those epic sunsets, filling my lungs with sage brush and pine and washing my soul with your many rivers.

Happy Friday loves.

With Grace+Guts,