Season of Reflection

"Chase the light whatever and wherever it may be for you; chase it"
-  Tyler Knott Gregson



I’ve heard people call the early winter before the New Year rings in “the season of reflection” … I normally just call it my season of denial as I try to push Chaco's, light cardigans and my straw fedora’s. However, there is always a first for everything. This year I’ve witnessed my first solar eclipse, tried plain sour cream alone (so gross), and I guess we can consider this my first “season of reflection” …a season of reflection that has lasted 11-months.

When my husband moved out of state for his dream job, I’ve already expressed on here the bag of mixed emotions that came with the first 8-weeks of the adjustment. Being a military wife, and survived a deployment, I wasn’t a stranger to my husband’s absence. I was a stranger though to the feeling of isolation.

I grew up as an only child. I played 80% of the time by myself in the backyard pretending I was Jungle Jane scot naked with a stick in my hand and weeping willow branches braided around my head. But 5-feet away was the most adoring parents I could have ever dreamed of. I always had friends that on a rainy day I could call. I was a part of 4-H, homeschool groups, church groups, and we explored nooks and crannies of our town and the world all the time. I never felt alone. I never felt stuck.

All through High School I was surrounded by a solid group of friends, though they weren’t the best sort, I once again never faced the feeling of completely alone. Through a horrible abusive relationship and then divorce, through moving away from my home town, and college I never truly felt alone. There was always someone who would pick up the phone and listen. Always someone who would be up for coffee, going for a drive, coming over, going out. Yet there is always a first for everything.

In the last 11-months friends have moved or faded, jobs have come to a close, babysitters have moved away, pets have moved on and the town I’ve resided in for almost 7-years found a way to start closing me out. I found myself without a church again and spending too many showers letting the tears go. Our most amazing neighbors either moved or passed away and then new neighbors moved in who have caused horrible anxiety. And then finally finding out people I’d been confiding in had been talking behind my back. All to come crashing to this exact point.

The exact point of isolation.

It is a terrifying feeling.

Finding myself isolated and caught in the hum drum of the motions of the days of the weeks of the months left me feeling desperate. But when your truly alone, being desperate does you no good, it only leads you to darker places. I started questioning my faith, my relationships with everyone, including my husband, and the worst of it all…myself. I was slipping. I found myself grasping in desperation onto bloggers and social media that I was enamored with only to find that pretending I was living a life like theirs wasn’t strong enough to hold the weight I have been carting around like a darn bag of rocks.

It wasn’t though, till I went to a 5-day workshop where I was surrounded by 12+ amazing women did I fully grasp how alone I truly had been. You can be surrounded by a million people and yet at the end of the day be alone, I am surrounded by people I know every day and I smile and say hello to…but not one of them know any of this about me, how I’ve been doing. Because when you’ve spent 11-months slowly loosing people, it’s hard to find trust and honesty again.

I’ve spent 11-months cursing this and that, sobbing in hot showers and running on too much coffee and way too little of sleep. I’ve spent 11-months lying to everyone that everything is okay. When at the end of the day and another thing hit the fan, I’d be holding the phone without a single person I could think of to call. And it’s in that moment, the most hallow of moments that you find the bottom. Where your hands can run through the cold damp earth and there’s no air in between. Every credit card, every phone call, every excuse is used up. And I laid there in the soil for a while, because falling is exhausting.

But one morning I got an email from a magazine that stated they wanted to share my photography, then another evening another magazine contacted me. Then I got contacted by a handful of other people inquiring about my work. My daughter started telling me that I would always be her best friend and my son started coming and checking on me every night at least a dozen times…each time telling me “mama I love you.” So I sat up. I sat up because that was all I could muster. But I sat up and I emailed those people back, I gave my daughter a hug and I told my son I loved him too.

I drank a strong cup of coffee and just stood outside one morning before the light came up. It was so cold I was shivering like I was having convulsions. But I stood there, enamored by the stars. I rekindled my love for orchestra and music. I started listening to less news, less Facebook. More work. Not 9-5 work. But WORK. The kind that puts the chisel in your hand and your standing in front of that block of marble and you know there’s something marvelous inside kind of work.

I kept emailing people back, I keep inching my way upwards. I keep hugging my daughter and listening to her. I keep telling my son I love him. I keep also getting shoved back down with two grandma’s who have cancer, and other life scares. But I’m not afraid of the bottom anymore. I’ve been fighting it for so long that once I got there, and just laid there for a moment. I explored that little corner of my world, and seriously debated about staying there. But the thing about me that’s probably the most honest thing…I do not hold still well at all.

Hence the website being limited currently, my lack of blog posts, and some changes to my social media (oh baby there is more to come!) I’m not holding still.

I may still be drinking too much coffee, not getting the greatest sleep and still feeling pretty solo, but there’s something about losing so much that makes your fire burn just that much hotter (as my mama always says…if you poke someone’s fire too much they’ll out shine you) and life has just taken that metal prod to me a bit too much the last 11-months.

And I know this post at the point is now rambling…but I’m a rambler and a chatty Cathy and if you’ve read this far you get 50-points to your Hogwarts house of choice…but also have probably caught onto this “rambling issue” I’ve got.

To anyone who’s felt isolation, know that you are the bravest souls on God’s green earth. For you have known the worst sort of feeling and have persevered. To those who are still here, I don’t know when it will end, but find something and hang onto that. I don’t know when I’ll be back up off the ground, but I do know that this world is currently facing some of the worst horrors and I may not end cancer or hunger, but I will not be put back 6-feet in the ground having done nothing but be depressed and hurt.

So. Next week will be my last post until the New Year, when the new website drops and if you follow me on social media you’ll see a lot of stuff changing. And if it’s not your jam, I won’t be hurt if you unfollow me. Because in this season of reflection, it took my face down in the dirt fully pulled away from everyone to finally catch on that what I do matters. 100K followers or not.

And what you do matters. Who you are matters.
Even if you’re up to your neck at the bottom. Who you are and what you do matters.

With Grace+Guts,



holiday's with ThredUP


Thanksgiving is now behind us *wait what?* and Christmas is in full-swing. 
I remember as a little girl there was two time's a year I got to go dress shopping...I mean like DRESS shopping (you know what kind of dresses I'm talking about!) 

Easter, and Christmas.

My eight-year old is the same way...though she prefers skirts over dresses. However, now being a parent I realize why I only got the fancy dresses with glitter or the full pleated skirt and bedazzles twice a year. Those beautiful little things do not come without a spendy penny.

Recently, I found out that ThredUP has kids clothes as well and I was super stoked! For the price of one dress I was able to buy my daughters Christmas outfit plus a bunch of other cute pieces that she can wear throughout her week.
I found brands like Zara, Gap, Gymboree and Hannah Anderson (just to name a few of our favorites!)

Of course, ThredUP has crazy deals for us ma'ma's too and I was able to find some fun and festive holiday pieces as well, without breaking the bank. Now I feel prepared for the upcoming Christmas season, events, parties and I found it all on one website.

This winter season I've really been into layering knits and textures. I purchased a couple staple pieces and then have been pulling things out from last winters closet to make a more snugglier version. And let's face it, once it gets cold all you want is your favorite hoodie and leggings. Just sometimes this isn't the best attire to sport to work. By layering knits and fun textures, I feel snuggly and comfy while still looking put together and polished. I guess we can call this a Win/Win.

So to start your Cyber Monday off on the right foot, use the code GRACEANDGUTS and the first 50 first-time orders get's 50% off their whole order!!!

Grab your holiday attire, maybe even find that fashion forward sister-in-law of yours the most perfect gift!  Here's all that I scored at ThredUP recently.

With Grace+Guts,


hello november

october extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and november arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and face.
— j.k. rowling, harry potter and the order of the phoenix
November 2017 Moode Board.jpg

yesterday was autumn, yet frost bit fading jack-o-lanterns adorn each doorway reminding us this morning that november is in fact hear and winter is on the cusp and right around the corner.

being a sun driven individual, the return of winter is always a hard one to accept and is reluctantly accepted. however, there isn't anything that my tantrum will affect other then my mood so i am determined this winter to at least try my best to at least find warmth, comfort and joy in the darker, colder season on winter.

this includes cozy knits in neutral colors and various sizes, snuggly oversized scarfs with fun and playful patterns, stocking up on "man i want to read" books and magazines, sending more letters, spending more time in the slow and finding peace and joy in the quiet and still.

earlier this year i really purged my closet (and home) in hopes of living a more minimalistic life (but not being a devout minimalist, being a mama has caused complications in being 100% minimalist.) the beauty in this is it's allowing me room to start collecting more quality items slowly that i can build and play with throughout the colder months. i've started scouring some of my favorite sites such as ModCloth and thredUP as well as stocking up on "pin that on the fridge" worthy cards from Artifact Uprising to encourage myself to write more and e-mail/text less.

it was at the end of last winter when i was introduced to the concept of "hygge", that highlights the exact concept of what i'm striving for this winter. it encourages slowing down, getting cozy, and taking pleasure in people and the simple things in life. so this will be the theme for the next couple of months, and i've collected and put together a few of my favorite things i've found to help with the snuggle and to cozy.

summer lovers hang in there, and winter lovers be gentle to us.
and novemeber, welcome.

with grace+guts,


Halloween (last minute)


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Oh Shoot! Did you forget? Or thought you were gonna just curl up with Pj's and watch Hocus Pocus versus going out? Now it's the 31st and you don't have a costume? I've compiled some of my favorites I've come across on Google and Pinterest. And to help along I've added a ghoulish playlist (kid friendly but NO Kids Bop....your welcome) to get you into the Hallow's spirit.

Already have your costume? Tell me what you are going as! I'd love to hear (or even see!!!)

Happy Halloween Everyone! Stay safe and eat all the candy <3

With Grace + Guts,

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.38.57 AM.png


Cut a mask out of felt and TaDa!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.39.40 AM.png


Yes, White after Labor Day is okay!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.41.26 AM.png


Green card stock and get fruity!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.41.52 AM.png


I promise you won't blend in with this costume!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.42.32 AM.png


Glue dollar store snakes to bobby pins and make random braids.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.43.34 AM.png

Wednesday Adams

Go buy some black lipstick and layer your LBD with a white button up and your good to go!


365/week forty-six



Last night I stayed up past midnight to work on a crossword puzzle. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I did this. I also organized and booked three photoshoots that I'm so jazzed about I wish I could tell you about all the goodness about to happen. Yesterday I felt accomplished in the simple, not over the top, but still really proud of myself sort of way.

This week has been a little bit different, with my daughter's 8th birthday on Tuesday, and then my kids out of school since Wednesday, my whole work schedule has gone a little off kilter, and it also has given me a whole heap of time to be at home and update my Facebook for my photography business, continue to recenter and ground myself in all that I will be doing in pursit of my lady power dreams, and not to mention...oodles of time hanging with my babies (which I mean, one of those "babies" turned 8 this week so I guess I should start saying "kids" now instead?!?)

Each day is a small victory. Each day is a confirmation that though life is hard, it is an absolute blessing. It has taken me till this week to FINALLY get into the autumn/Halloween spirit (never too late I guess?) but I've been pouting about the fact that summer is over, that I was dwelling too much in memories of sun kissed cheeks, and little sun dresses that I was failing to see the joy in my son's face as he ran through the leaves, or that comforting smell of neighbors fireplaces and morning fog. Recently, I was brought onto the Masterpiece series (on Amazon Prime) The Collection. I binged all 8-episodes in a week, but besides loving the history and drama, I was really captured by the viewpoint through a character's camera. I've been looking to get back into film for a while, but this show sort of nudged me. I looked into all of my vintage film cameras, finding I could re-spool my own film and start using them. 

As a creative I find inspiration, narrative and possibility in a lot of things that others, like my loving adorable hubby, don't see. I think it's the fact my right side of the brain overtook the left side too lol. But as the year is coming to an end, I'm starting to think of new endeavors and projects.  I've got my eye on a couple shows, and some new challenges for myself, because if I'm being honest with myself, I will never stop giving myself projects...which as we get close to 2018 I'll start sharing with you <3

But for now I'm going to go back into the studio and finish working on the last touches to my families Halloween costumes...anyone want to guess what our family theme is this year?

With Grace+Guts,


taylor / haunting autumn maternity shoot


When there's a request for a maternity shoot and the words 'Halloween', 'Nightmare Before Christmas', and 'autumn' are used in a single sentence...I was having a hard time breathing.
If you know me, you'll know that these were magical words, and all things that I L O V E!!!

We met up in Lewiston, ID which is a valley...which means its a bowl...which means all the smoke from Oregon, Idaho and Montana have somehow all congregated there.  And where there are times I wish the smoke would just clear out as I miss fresh air like coffee in the morning after just waking up...the smoke translated in to hazy fog, washed out my golden light completely and we rolled with the punches. And what came out was some gypsy autumn photos that are so hauntingly gorgous I keep swooning over them!  

It is always the biggest complement when your clients immediately turn one of your photos as their profile photos and email you how much they love them. This session was defiantly up my alley and all I can say is THANK YOU Taylor for being one bomb BEAUTIFUL mama, being willing to hop on rocks, walk in the grasses, hide behind things, and even strip down into fabric I brought along!  And of course congratulations to you and your hubby!  You are such beautiful people, this baby boy is one lucky little guy!


you can see more family sessions below. i'm currently booking for 2017 holiday sessions now.

year 26


today, i woke up one year older, with a cat named waffles glued to my side and tears on my pillow.

 Lapawai, ID | June 9. 2017 | Heather Woolery 2017

Lapawai, ID | June 9. 2017 | Heather Woolery 2017

i am an only child, meaning, i have perfected being able to function on my own.  i don't mind sleeping by myself, and even going to the movies by myself isn't the end of the world. when i was younger i played outdoors vigorous games full of imagination: cave men, jungle jane, farmer, little mermaid on the swing set slide as the hose poured water down it's two-foot decent.

now as an adult, whose husband is gone most of the time between being a forester and an army man, i play vigorous rounds of ring-a-round-the-rosy as i get one child to swimming, another to dance, both to school, sneak in dinner, make it to work on time, and sometime's i'm badass enough i'll get a shower, shave my legs (well to the knee but, hey, husband's gone so what's it matter?) and possibly i'll remember deodorant.

but sometimes, being alone, isn't all the glory that some people have made it out to be.  sometimes, you wake up on your birthday and realize no one is going to take your picture so you can remember in 10-years turning 1-year older. no one is going to make you cake, or let you take a nap.  being a mom means, i'll still cook all of the meals, wash and fold the laundry and will prep the meals for my kids activities this week.  and because of this, its really easy to fall into the "poor me" rut. i know this, because i was there all day yesterday, and even the majority of the morning.

but pitty just doesn't get you much further then smothered in a heap of pillows, soaked in tears and snot, and a bed head.  this past year has been a really tough one.  it has.  and ever so often, i give into the pitty and i wallow for a moment.  but there was also moment's this past year that brought me that much closer to knowing who i am as a human, what i am supposed to do with my time here on earth, what makes me happy, what goals are more pertinent then the rest.  i had to go through all that personal "hell" to get me one step, one year closer to knowing all of these things.  and i still have no full-life plan.  i still haven't bought a house, and i have no idea half the time what the heck i'm doing.  and maybe, one of these birthday's i'll wake up and know what the heck i'm supposed to be doing, in a house i own, but for right now, waking up to 26, all i know is i want to make myself a cake for breakfast, and refuse to wash the dishes, while i plan trips to get me out of this rut that has sucked me in over the past year.

year 26 is yes, starting out horrifically rocky.
but in the end, year 26 is going to be the best one yet.

with grace+guts,


mothers day / a recap


on a daily bases i swear i'm failing my kids.
i swear i'm failing myself.
and maybe i am...but who's to honestly say?

 heather woolery | mothers day | 2017

heather woolery | mothers day | 2017

happy mother's day first off to all the moms (and like mom's) out there.  today is there to celebrate you and everything you do...including all the things no one see's...the behind the scenes.

i hope you were able to find a moment today between chasing toddlers, washing breakfast plates and for the ten-millionth time begging you're 10-year old to pick up their jacket which they've left plopped on the floor like a piece of trash or road kill for you to fall over.

every day i end the day passed out in a pool of my own drool with the clock beaming 2-am and the cat laying on top of me.
on top of being a mom to a hurricane katrina of a 4-year old and a beaming sassy 7-year old, i work as a full-time creative coordinator for a marketing firm, teach a weekly after school art class at a local gallery annnnd try to keep my own art and passion's alive.

sleep is a dirrrrty day dream of mine that one of these day's i'll act upon.

back in january, my husband got offered his dream job in portland, oregon. he had only 2-weeks from the time he accepted the job to be all moved over there and ready to work. which left me playing the role of "single mom" for these past 5-months and only by grace have i made it to today.


there have been nights my prayer went something like this "dear God...please OH please give me the strength to not duct tape my children" or "dear God...please PLEASE give me patience to not yell at my kids and tell them how stupid their argument over who's going to close the front door really is".

there have been nights where all i fed my kids for dinner was a whole watermelon or cup after cup of root beer floats.

there have been nights my kids didn't go to bed - ON A SCHOOL NIGHT - till after 10:30 because i was so tired of them not doing their chores i made them stay up and actually do them. 

my son's ability to listen to any set of instructions or requests is at zero right now and my daughter's ability to refrain from rolling her eye's at me when i ask her to wear something more weather appropriate is at about zero right now as well.

but something that i realized the other day when i was once again mom-shaming myself was, the probability of these current mother frustrations lasting forever are at about zero as well.  both of my kids are quickly growing, becoming who they are meant to be.  and i may in fact short circuit by the time they both are 18, but, never the less we will get there.  i may arrive to their high school graduation with a popped out forehead nerve, a twitching eye and medusa hair...but we will get there.

not having my husband around has in fact made me rely on myself and my own strengths and judgements.  it's also made me a better prayer.  and not just praying that i don't kill my kids or find their face on a milk carton.  but praying about everything.  i pray for a parking spot, for the right words, for clarity.  

5-months without my husband consistently there has challenged me as a mother, a worker, a creative.  its pushed me to the edge and then a bit more.

this weekend, i finally got to get out of the house and go hiking and on a family bike ride with my kids.  they picked me wild flowers and "helped" me find my phone when i managed to loose it on the trail at one point.  there's been hugs and snuggles. and even though this weekend, i felt oily and frizzy-haired and less then up to par, i was in bliss to be reminded that this thing called motherhood was never meant to be easy. it isn't for the faint of heart, nor is there anything, any job quite like it.  it is messy and joyful.  sometimes all you can do is laugh. and sometimes all you can do is cry. and that's just the way it is.

so no matter how you spent today, i hope you can remember that what you are doing ma'ma's is being brave. you are being so brave and fearless (even though being a mom you're always afraid of something).  because being afraid and doing it anyways is what makes you fearless.  it's what makes you brave. and those little eyes and hands and toes love you with everything they've got.

with grace+guts,

 heather woolery | mothers day | 2017

heather woolery | mothers day | 2017


365/week seventeen



what a concept.

for the last month i've been everywhere but home, and the past 7-days have been finally me back in my little dwelling, refilling the refrigerator with food, catching up on laundry, watering plants, giving our cat waffle's her demanded attention...etc etc.

after my little art rendezvous, i hoped back into the photographer saddles this week and did two heart warmer and fun photo sessions.  even though the weather was hit and miss, man it felt so stinking good to be back out there with a camera in my hand.

i've seriously had the worst diet this week, which i guess chalk it up to "eating what i want" off the list, but pesto pasta for breakfast and 2-cheese burgers later...I'm a happy camper.  Sometimes, you've just gotta.  Or at least, I just gotta.

work has been insane so my time in the studio this week was nothing but i actually spent time to read two magazines two nights in a was from February and the other from march...I'm catching up.

i'm so grateful for all the goodness...and even all the crazy.  sometimes it's hard juggling all that i'm juggling and i drop the ball here and there (like Monday when i took the kids through the drive through because i just wasn't gonna cook that night - - or last night when every thing i asked my mini's to do went in one ear and out the other and i threw a total 2-year old tantrum because of i'm an example this week)...but i love those two mini's with all my heart, i love being a creative even though it doesn't pay what i'd like so i could buy all the shoes...this is life.  it's an adventure.

my 365-challenge wasn't ever meant to be law or a stresser...though i'll admit i beat myself up from time to time for not perfecting Italian yet or not even picking up a cello yet...but it was meant to keep me moving and moving in a way that encouraged who i am versus the 9-5 drone that society seems to gravitate to.  My life is making snack for my kids day at 6:30 am when I'd rather be drinking coffee hiding in bed - - but at least i get paid in snuggles.

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend, enjoy those in your life and all the moments.

With Grace+Guts,



the wagner's // april family session

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

when a mom reaches out to capture photos celebrating the adorable age of her daughter and it's just the beginning of spring with the weather being a guessing can be a little nerve wracking.

but never-the-less, saturday we met up (after a location swap 15-minutes before the session was supposed to start because of some unforeseen reservations,) and braved the teasing rain and wind to be gifted the last 15-minutes with some sunshine and a peak of blue sky.

there was never a doubt for the love and adoration these two parent's had for sweet little 7-month old avery and her refusal to smile was adorable and sassy.  but i finally caught smiles when mom and dad snuggled her or threw her into the air. there was so much love and joy between those three, I couldn't stop taking pictures...which ended up biting me in the rear because picking and choosing was overtly difficult.

but here are just a few highlights of our afternoon together roaming dried out marshes and hiking up mudded hills.

with grace+guts,

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

 wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery

wanger's family session | april 1st 2017 | heather woolery


365/week twelve


Well, here we are 83-days into this challenge.  I'm currently listening to a melancholy playlist on Spotify which is making me want to make some new playlists to listen to as it's now March (just apparently Jack Frost in my neck of the woods hasn't gotten that memo.)  What are you currently listening to on repeat?

I figured since we're 12-weeks into this deal I would review the list and talk about what I have done, haven't at all touched and the other's that are in the works...just waiting on warmer weather.

1. Write my book: Well, I've been on and off working on this.  I've submitted a few shorts to a few journals and waiting to hear back, but I'm defiantly slacking here.  Mainly because of inspiration. I find good ideas and then 20-minutes later they lack the luster.

2. Go full throttle freelance photographer: Oh boy!  this one is probably where I've done the most work.  Espically moving to Portland, I've really had a tough time finding work that fits, so I've had to sort of just jump off a cliff for this.  I've already booked my first (and some of my biggest sessions to date) in Portland and I'm so stoked!

3. Iceland...this is a much later in the year deal.

4. Get a puppy: Originally I was going to buy one at Christmas, but then we didn't find THE one (finding a puppy is like dating all over again!) and then we found out we were we are planning on buying a fuzzy baby in Portland this summer!

5. Learn the Cello: Waiting on PDX where I can rent one and take weekly classes

6. Learn the ukulele: This is really rough, lol. I have one and if you follow me on Instastories, you'll note that I sound like a dying cat...but I'm trying and I've found a teacher so hopefully by summer bon fires I won't be the drag of the party.

7. Relearn the piano: YES! I have been working on this, once again I've mostly shared this on Instastories.  But I fell in love with La La Land so much, that those songs are the one's I'm bound and determined to get down.

8. Fiber art + Lit body of work: I've really been working on this for Artwalk (which is in June) and I have shared studio shots on Instastories and will share more photos of the actual work as we get closer to June.  But I'm neck deep in threads and paint and some collage as well here.

9. Purge house: One MAJOR perk of moving to a new state...this isn't a's a HAVE TOO!

10. Learn how to make chocolate Soufflé: No reason or rhyme why I haven't done this yet. BOO!

11. Learn Italian: I've spent like 3-days on this, so like, nothing.  But I'm renting old Italian films this weekend to maybe this will inspire me.

12. Learn Polish: I can't even admit to this one yet, lol.

13. Learn hand writing lettering: YES! I've really started taking sketchbook time and have practiced my lettering and even did some work for the marketing company I work for.  It takes time and practice but I'm loving it.

14. Read more: I was doing really good on my personal side of things (see book reviews here) but then my kiddos entered a HUGE Roald Dahl phase and so that's all I've been reading lol.  Not sure if you all want my book reviews on those?

15. Be more involved with my kids: another thing that has REALLY manafested since the hubs moved for his job.  I am not involved with everything with my kids.  From being woke up at 5:23 to pop a lego dude's arm back in to swim and dance meet's to getting all the lice out of my daughters hair (YUCK!) But this is why they have somehow taken over my personal Instagram (sorry...not sorry!)

16. Monthly date nights: A not so great thing with the hubs 6-hours away...these just don't happen.  Man I miss him...okay moving on.

17. Explore AZ: coming soon...promise!

18. Get shoulder tattoo: in da' works yo'!

19. Eat what I want: okay so this week is a true testament to this one...brownies for breakfast...twice.  And zero guilt.

20. Go dancing: Okay, La La Land has really re sparked this one.  Currently looking for ballroom dancing in PDX to go with the hubs.  Anyone have suggestions?

21. Fly an airplane: ALSO...VERY SOON!

22. Get back into painting + illustrations:  you probably saw form a very early time in the challenge on that I just jumped back into drawing and illustrating.  It's upped my design game by 100 and I'm so much happier with my work and myself for just taking 10-minutes a day to draw.  I even had two locations since graduation show my illustrations.  I've also started adding painting to my faber art for Artwalk this summer.  I've learned taking 20-minutes or so a day in the studio is a MUST and at least it's something.  Netflix can wait...although I'm HOOKED on Chef's Table.

23. Learn more about botany: so far I've killed two cacti...I need to fix this!

24. Make a cover to a favorite song: this one is waiting till I'm reunited with my hubs...the guitarist in this endeavor.

25. Create tape deck worthy playlists: been doing...will keep doing...follow me on Spotify!

26. Laugh more: Every day is the goal.  Someday's I've rocked this...other days...I've failed.  But I've given up yelling for lent (I have a German temper I'm over with) so laughing come my way!

27. Coffee: Ever' Damn Day.

Now, for my millions of errands. 

Happy Friday Though Ya'll!

With Grace + guts,



Tiny Burning Embers: In light of MLK day and January 20th


Today I was working on putting together something I've regularly done here on Grace + Guts, my weekly favorites, where I highlight things that I've got my heart set on, things I'm being sponsored to show you, things I've recently been using and find lovely and divine.

Tonight, Well...pish posh as my late grandmother would say.

How false this facade is, how so materialistic.  And it's so hard not to be succumbed by all of the popularity that comes with it all.  All through high school, I was the girl who hid in the library or my schools ceramic studio, trying at all costs to be hidden but dying to be popular.  I never made it to the top.  I remained the art writer girl with really good grades but who was too socially awkward to make it anywhere on that popularity scale.

We Google what we don't know, and believe the rest from word of mouth.  We look at what others are wearing (getting paid to show you those things) and we buy into it...we literally buy it.  And it's all jolly good and well here and there, but for it to dictate and determine how we portray ourselves, it's saddening.  To let other's guide you into something.

On the end of the MLK day, I can't help but feel inspired, empowered.  This week, especially, I need this sort of fiery strength.  I believe we all do.  In church yesterday, we started a series on the book of Acts, something I needed to hear.  That we are people of power, strength and possibility.  Nothing, not a single person, can hold us back if we only believe in the strength that strengthens us.  That though we may not know the plan ahead...there has been one laid out for us.
For me.

In six months I am moving to a city where I know literally zero people.  I am becoming a very small fish in a rather large pond.  And besides my excitement for my husband and his wildly fantastic new job and the possibility of running into Cheryl Strayed being upped by like 100, I'm feeling a little more than belittled.  I have always been a sort of "ball buster" pushing the line, fighting, yet, held back by my own unpopular insecurities.  And right now, I'm fighting fog...the unknown.  I do not know the plan that is up ahead of me...and for someone who likes control and order...this is really a disheartening feeling.

But today, tonight.  There is a smidgen of hope in me.  Burning embers scattered across my heart.  The question of "yes...but what if" is what I lived each day by.  Open to the possibility of absolutely anything.  I always told my mom from the time I was very small that I wanted to see the world and change it.  So I am opening up my everything tonight to the possibility of Yes! But what if.

I will no longer fill your feeds with products and gizmo's unless I fully believe in it, whether I'm being paid for it or not.  I will not always post perfect photoshoots.  I am a PNW girl at heart, and a mother for life.  I am a jack of trades unable to decide between writing, art and I refuse to.  I'm still socially awkward and have every hope of your love and support, but have no necessity need for it either. I'm am, as they say, constantly inconsistent.  I started my 365-day challenge simply because I wanted to secure who I was...and it is doing just that (with the help of Hans Zimmer of he is the soundtrack to my life.)

Let us find love and respect for one another this week.  Empowering our fellow neighbors in all their ambitions and let us move forward with or without the support of central and head government.  For We Are The People.  The very strong people...who can do anything.
And we mustnt ever forget this.

As Always and Forever.

With Grace+Guts,


365/Week Four


It was a simple first week of 2017, but it was one with direction and conviction.  However, it has been so busy that I've sort of failed to keep you guys up-to-date on my 365/challenge ... oopsy ... sorry!  

So as a quick over view, I really started getting back into drawing and illustrating.  I originally put it on the list because I really enjoy line drawings and find beauty in their delicate simplicity.  Yet, as I've become more consumed by sculpture and installation works, it really fell to the wayside. Sort of off topic question, if I started putting these drawings in the shop would anyone want one?

I also picked up the ukulele a couple times this week and I am able to (very roughly) change cords for a tiny tune. (I've been video taping these this something you guys would like to see?)  I also continued purging by taking on our master bathroom and my studio portion of the garage, donating 3 bags to our local Goodwill and boxing up the rest for our huge yard sale in May.

This week I did shared with all of you that we are moving from North Idaho over to Portland, OR come June...which I'm ridiculously nervous about but excited for all the new adventures that are awaiting us.  So once again, if you live in the PDX area, let me know, I'm looking to connect and collaborate. (message me <3)

And finally, I read.  I read a lot.  We spent most of yesterday at the Barnes and Nobel in Spokane, WA and it was so blissful.  I'll be releasing a new book review on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that!

The thing is is I really wish I could keep you guys' more so in the loop, but by actually doing the list and finding a balance of the list, my job and my family...I'm hardly finding time for much anything else.  Though, I really am trying to keep you up to date through add me on Instagram @heather_woolery

So for now, it's lesson planning and watching The Crown on Netflix while drinking whiskey in my coffee.

With Grace+Guts,

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365/Week Two

I defiantly could feel life beating against everything about this personal challenge of mine this week.  Work ran crazy, my daughter had her last go-rounds of dance lessons till after the winter break, the never ending chore of keeping up with the house, and everything last minute for today's the time I'd get these things done, I'd pour into my bed and umph to work on the book, or start this new body of work.

However, after a few very late nights (like 1:00am) this morning I was able to wake up to two giggling little kiddos, a sparkling Christmas tree, and a hot cup of coffee.  Today was simple, I listened to the new Fitzgerald records the hubbs got me for Christmas, I took a two-hour nap and angels were singing afterwards, and we ate...let's face it...I'm still eating. We've had a weekend of family time, which really was slacking while I was going to school.  We went ice skating with kids, sledding down the hill on the side of our house and baked cookies.  We took a drive around town to look at all the Christmas lights and got hot coco's from Starbucks.  Oh how I cherish all these little moments with these two and this little family.

But, to be honest I debated about even writing this post, I really felt like I had done nothing for my list this week, but after a long nap and a good hug from the family, I calmed down and realized...I had in deed done what I could...and that's always enough.  I ate Taco Time guilt free at work this week and continued to eat what I wanted throughout the week.  I got one more story outline done for my book and I've been doing a few illustrations for work which have really put a pep in my step.  Friday I didn't have work and the kids didn't have we got a whole day together where I turned off my social media and e-mails so that we could make airplanes out of popsicle sticks and clothes pins, and we spent the afternoon finishing Matilda.  And after getting to watch the movie Friday night, my daughter is now insisting on wearing a red ribbon in her hair everywhere.

And finally, I watched the documentary; Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  One of the things on my list is to purge my house...purge my life of all the excess I've been dragging around that wieghs me down.  I want less stuff and more air, more moments.  Quality over quality.  Goodbye Corporate America.  The documentary was soo good and I really recommend it to anyone, even if your a lover of things.  Because I'm a lover of things, I have hundreds of books, multiple globes, and countless art supplies boxed away everywhere.  But it's my journey of finding only value in what I need and not what the media tells me I need. 

I believe my stress and struggle in beating myself up already over this 365-challenge is because I want so badly just to sit and write.  Just go do and make.  I've spent now three weeks sketching out, writing out and plotting that I'm so ready to just get on in there.  And between work, the house, family and the holiday's there's been little to no time to do this...and it's made me feel sort of like I'm a looser.  I failed.  But looking back, I didn't fail...I just didn't morph myself into Super Woman and make a whole list thats to take a year fit into 7-days.  One day at a time Heather...One day at a time.

So now, I'm off to finish my tall glass of wine, read some books to the kiddos and then enjoy a bubble bath and a Christmas movie with the hubbs.

350/375 days left.

With Grace+Guts 

Boise in November

I grew up in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, surrounded by the foothills and Boise mountain range.  Nampa to Meridian to Boise, though only a twenty to thirty-minute drive was always a "stretch" growing up.  There were fields everywhere, and lots of open spaces, and now, well...not so much.  This area has grown and exploded since I was a kid (or even just in the 5+ years since I moved away) and whenever I come back, I love to explore the new eateries, shops and hangout spots...and of course spending time with my family.


I am an only child, from a small family, so I am overly close to my mama and my daddy <3  They are why I am stubborn, a feminist, a Christian, an adventurer and book worm...overall their pretty outstanding humans and I know I brag about them a lot here, but they sort of deserve it (even if they can't figure out how to read my blog lol.)  Thanksgiving was simple and I loved every minute. Turkey with my folks and then the traditional Thanksgiving pie with my husbands family (will a tiny portion - he is not from a small family.)  If every Thanksgiving could be this laid back and whimsical I'd be one happy camper.


Over our little "staycation" in Idaho we went to some wonderful stops that during the November/December months I truly think are a must! So let the list begin!

Boise, Idaho in November/December

  • The Idaho Botanical Garden turns a glow at the end of November for their annual "Winter Garden A Glow" turning their 50-acres into a Christmas heaven. Check out more HERE.
  • When the weather turns gloomy and you sort of miss summer, and your really over turkey leftovers, Flatbread is the answer.  Warm summer pizza's, sammies, salads and more to hit the spot with a wonderful atmosphere to boot.  You can find them HERE.
  • Shop Small is a huge deal in historic downtown Boise.  There are so many shops, but a favorite stop of ours is Idaho MADE.  Full of local artisans goods and lots of funky cactus and succulants, this little shop has so much to offer (and it's whats not to love?)  Find out more about Idaho MADE HERE.
  • There are many places to go for a cup of joe in downtown Boise, and there a lot of beautiful one's to boot.  Some of our favorites include District Coffee, Glodies, and the Flying M.  All three have funky shops, home roasted beans and a cozy atmosphere. (Even their bathrooms are funky!)  This time down I got to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry with my mama at the Flying M. Check out their coffee goodness HERE.

All in all we had a wonderful little Thanksgiving, and got reminded, though things at time seem bleak, we have a lot to be grateful for.  I hope you all had a wonderful for me to get back to the North so I can hunker down with Gilmore Girls!  (PLEASE no one say anything till I watch it!!!)

With Grace + Guts,

 Flatbread | Boise, Idaho

Flatbread | Boise, Idaho

 Flying M | Boise | November 2016

Flying M | Boise | November 2016

 Flying M | Boise, ID

Flying M | Boise, ID

 Flying M | Boise, ID

Flying M | Boise, ID

 MADE | Boise, ID

MADE | Boise, ID

 MADE | Boise, ID

MADE | Boise, ID

 MADE | Boise, ID

MADE | Boise, ID

2-Weeks in Germany: Packing Edition pt. 3/3

And we are at the end of the count down > insert a handful of happy and bouncy emojis here <
In the first of this 3-part blog series I talked to you about packing my Osprey pack for my trip to Germany while leaving room to spare.
The second part we covered carry-on conundrums when it comes to being a parent, gear junking (all my camera gear) and also needing necessities such as laptop, a book, etc.
Now finally, in part three we will cover airport attire and last minute airport/traveling tips.

Part Three

Airport + Travel Attire:
I am always about two key things when it comes to my attire when flying:
1. comfort
2. versatility
And when I'm mom-ing it at the airport:
3. pockets

Ya'll may laugh at me, however, as a parent, pockets are my best friend.  So much so I purchased my wedding dress on the spot the moment I found out it had pockets (greatest thing EVER!) 

So my two go-to outfits while flying are:
1. Hoodie, Leggings, Tank Top, Sandals
2. Hoodie, Comfy (old) jeans, Tank Top and Sandals

I say old/comfy jeans simply because, jeans are a lot like boots...if you just jump into wearing them without breaking them in...a couple hours into your gutsy but overall dumb decision you'll be in pain and/or ridiculously uncomfortable.

My go-to pair is a skinny cut pair I purchased from American Eagle a couple of years ago. Though, having a belt to content with while going through customs can be frustrating at points, it's only a one-and-done ordeal and then your on your way in the airport.

For my trip to Germany, I have a 4-hour flight then an 11.5-hour flight and even though I'm planning on sleeping as much as I can to compensate for the almost 9-hour time difference, I'm sticking with the old comfy jeans and a favorite love...Pons.

 Airport Outfit | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Airport Outfit | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Things to Remember:

  • Chapstick + Lotion - airplane air dries your skin out quickly, especially on long flights.  But    
                                      remember TSA requirements.
  • Scarf - this is great for using as a blanket on the plane + it spruces up any outfit after a long flight
  • Documentation - if your traveling with kids, its good to have a copy of their birth certificates, and                                   any other documentation you might need.  Write out SSN's out like a
                                      phone number on a post-it note tucked away.  Having this at the ready can
                                      help speed up any issue as you go through customs.
  • Bring (empty) Water Bottle - Most airports have water bottle re-fill stations which saves you a
                                      bunch of money.  Make sure it's empty, TSA won't like you very much if you
                                      try to bring water through customs.  
                                      We're huge fans of Nalgene and Klean Kanteen.
  • Headphones - this needs no explaining, yet somehow I always forget this and end up having to
                                     use the not-so-great free pairs they have on the plane.
  • Socks+Underwear - If your feet get cold while sitting long hours on the plane and the other; for
                                     the pray-it-doesn't-happen occasion your bag is lost, stolen or on a different
  • Simple Jewelry - I have always loved simple jewelry that add's a bit of sparkle but isn't heavy or
                                     a TSA concern.  I recently found Lace|Brick Designs from Alberta Canada,
                                     and I've been swooning ever since I found this shop. ANND if you use the
                                     code 'ilovelocal' you guys can get 10% off your whole purchase  from
                                     Lace Brick Design.
  Lace Brick Design  | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Lace Brick Design | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

So now my friends it is time to end this post, take a shower, have some tea, make sure all my t's are crossed and i's are dotted before I sleep.

In the AM I will be flying to my motherland and I cannot wait to share with all of you about my adventures, explorations and tid-bit's when I get back.  However, if you don't want to wait, follow me on my Instagram  @heather_woolery  and watch the adventure unfold from take off to hiking the alps.  

With Grace+Guts,


Moved. Brett. Glacier. Artwalk...SLEEP.

I honestly don't remember the last time I was this busy.  I can't, because I'm usually a whirl of a headless chicken juggling the many things that I do.  But these past two-weeks have just been over the top insane...which is fine...because it's all been wonderful (just exhausting) and I'm scheduling a nap for myself in two-weeks.
No joke...I wrote in my planner for two weeks from now a nap at 1:30pm and to wake up at 3:00. (Man I envy my kids sometimes in this regard.)

 ARTWALK 2016 | Heather Woolery | All Rights Reserved 2016

ARTWALK 2016 | Heather Woolery | All Rights Reserved 2016

To start us back on track (yay for some normalcy) We got all of our belongings moved in one day, 24-hours, and our new home...which is substantially nicer yet smaller then our previous places, was a Great Wall of Boxes and Bags and I'm not sure what all.  It's been two weeks of me sorting through stuff, and donating a lot.  If you follow me on Pintrest you'll see I oogle and google at homey homes that are somewhat (not over the top) minimal and C L E A N!  My miner OCD is drawn to this, yet with all our stuff, which we really didn't need, this was impossible.  
So sadly, my studio is still not even touched, it's just a Great Wall of Boxes and Bags, but the rest of the house is really starting to come together and my OCD M U S T C L E A N panic attacks are getting fewer.

 National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

As an early birthday present, the hubby took my down to S. Idaho to go see Brett Dennen.  Let me squeal here like a high school roady. I got to see Brett Dennen in concert.  Now, my love for this man is strictly his joke.  Now, he IS a beautiful human and soul, but that transcribed into his lyrics, and when someone can open themselves up and share it with the world like Brett (melts) I'm all ears.  Brett Dennen was the artist my husband first suggested when we started dating, and when my hubby left for a month long military training he sent me the lyrics of "Don't Forget" by Brett since I was going through such a hard personal time being a single mom.
Now it's become me missing my hubby, having a GAH! day, me needing some good studio music, me just wanting to dance a little bit versus full on Robyn dance floor...Brett Dennen is my main squeeze for this. 
Not to mention I got to meet him, get the typical horrible "I met this celebrity" picture and to cherry top it off...I got a hug.  If you all need a new addition to your Summer 2016 Playlist go check out Por Favor by Brett Dennen...Bon Fire is a current favorite track <3

To finish off the birthday festivities, the following weekend, we took a three-day weekend trip to Glacier National Park.  For living not that far away from it, it's one my hubby and I haven't had a chance to make it to just yet.  Celebrating the Centennial of National Parks, my hubby and I have signed ourselves up for our own personal Nat Park Run 2016-2017 season.  Seeing how many National Parks we can visit in the season.  Now, we're slowed down by our two-week jaunt to Europe in July (bummer, lol) but we're still "Challenge Accepted" "Game On!" 

As for Glacier, I had asked my husband that for my birthday I wanted Hot Coco and Mountains, and well Glacier did just that.  We stuck around the Lack McDonald area since the Going-To-The-Sun Rd. was closed past The Walk Of The Cedars. We did the Cedar trail, and had an afternoon intermission when I was hit with a minor spat of food poisoning.  I was curled up in my sleeping bag watching the silhouette's of caterpillars crawl across the top of the tent while my (oh so sweet) hubby wrangled our children and kept them occupied with our Eno Hammock.    

After lots of sleep and a light dinner I was feeling good enough to go down to Lake McDonald and get pictures of my birthday sunset...and it didn't disappoint.

 National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

 National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

 National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

Now to finish off this headless chicken run I've been doing is Artwalk.  My work is showcased in two separate establishments and I'm organizing another businesses all I've done this week is go to work, come home and make, pick up kids, do kids sports, feed kids, shower kids, wrangle kids into bed, drink more coffee, stay up late making and organizing, and loath my alarm every morning.
But I'm so excited for these shows and I'm proud of the work I'm showcasing.  After Friday, I'll be more regular about these posts and will show you the art carnival of my town which is Artwalk.

So Happy Humpday Friends.  Take a long drag of your coffee and know its gonna be okay.

With Grace + Guts.


 National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

National Park Run 2016-2017: Glacier | June 2016 | All Rights Reserved 2016 Heather Woolery

any given sunday.

 A March Saturday | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

A March Saturday | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Saturday's spent at home are a rare breed around my dwelling anymore.  Between my husbands military + job obligations, my art shows + schooling, my daughter's visitations down south and the random obligations that come with being a living human...getting to just be home is a beautiful, cherished thing around here.

So this weekend has been early wake-up call's by my little Kraken's (because they still have yet to realize what the term's "Saturday" and "sleep in" mean.  It's been a down pour of rain and us just re-potting indoor plants that have been sadly neglected over this winter of busy and rush. 

I was pleased though to see, in the small amount of time I spent outside this weekend, that my lavender plants are starting to down pour of rain be damned...spring is truly coming!  (chaco tan lines I'm coming for you!)

However, though there has been small little promises of warmer weather, I couldn't help while at the grocery store to grab milk, also grabbing a couple bunches of these daffodils that I polka-dotted all over the house.  The smell has brought a yellow cheery sense to this little dwelling.  

Recently, a lot of struggles + frustrations have seemed to pile up, this house being one of them, and yet in the midst of "doom + gloom" it's always surprising how some comfy overall's, fresh cut flowers, a hot London fog and some studio time or curled up reading a book can make the world seem so much more beautiful...alive.

 The Nuart | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

The Nuart | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

On Friday, I went downtown for a meeting about an upcoming show for my "I Am The Man" project (you can see HERE) and as I locked my car, I looked across the street at our Nuart Theater, and I couldn't help but pull my camera out and snap this picture.  I walk by this building every week, I actually go to that building frequently, and yet, for some reason, the rain gave it a new feel.  I have this love for store fronts and old buildings.  I've always felt like bricks were sponges.  Soaking up time and memories and yet holding up for all that is to come.

Something that has recently become more important is music.  Now my iPod is a jumble of bipolar scrambled eggs and I have a deeper love for vinyl then most know about me, but my musical, piano playing past has started to creep back up on me.  As I'm rearing to the end of my college career (for now, I doubt I'll ever truly be done) plus orders on my etsy shop, upcoming art shows, and being an editor for a couple love for reading, writing + art have defiantly been consumed as my "lively-hood", my job.  So its of no surprise to me that my need for an outlet that hasn't been consumed in some work fashion took over my husband's little ukulele.  He had received it as a gift from his parents when they went to Hawaii while we were still dating...and he's maybe pulled it out twice.  Over last summer he tried to teach me guitar but my tiny body compared to his full guitar made me feel more like I was hugging Sasquatch versus playing something beautiful.  I then tried the ukulele and found that it's 'c' cord to be by far one of the happiest sounds in this world...and since then I keep teaching myself this happy little instrument. (photo credit to my 6-year old who has an obsession of taking pictures...I wonder who she learned that from lol).

Recently I've begun delving into Sally Mann's new book "Hold Still", first and foremost for my thesis research, but secondly it had been recommended to me it felt like a million time.  About two pages in, I was swooning over this woman's words and adoring that she had added pictures and scanned in artifacts of letters, report cards etc. into her memoir.  It's been such a beautiful read on photography + memories + childhood + becoming and most of all, living a life.

And I won't lie, I've spent a couple too late of nights and a handful of really early mornings to read this book...but as a take reading time when you can get it.

In a way, this blog post feels mundane, unnecessary, but then again, if felt necessary.  Over the week, I share so many beautiful moments and images on Instagram, and there is only so much of "me, myself + I" that I can put in the portfolio and I so badly want to share these small moments.  The story behind each image.  

But as much as I love these lazy weekends, I won't lie, I'm so grateful it's spring break, and I'm about to leave town to snag some beautiful shots, drink too much coffee, keep reading Sally Mann and get extra snuggles from my little Krakens.

If you don't already: you can follow all my adventures, coffee raves, motherly moments and making strives on Instagram @heather_woolery + now on Twitter @heatherwoolery.