A Book Review: I'll Tell You In Person


A Book Review: I'll Tell You In Person

I have long been a lover & fan of Cheryl Strayed...which I have ushed and gushed about on here in the past (I mean one of my top goals in life is to meet her and hear her speak!) This amount of fandom has led to me following her on Instagram, which there's no secret, I'm addicted to Instagram...oh well!  So, anyway, a few months ago Cheryl posted on her Instagram this eye-catching yellow book that a close friend of her's had just gotten published, the title...even more catchy..."I'll Tell You In Person".  It was written by Chloe Caldwell and everything about this collection of personal narrative shorts attracted me to buying almost instantly.

The sad part is that I didn't get to start reading this little yellow and youthful gem until graduation was closer....like two weeks before I graduated.  A major part of my 365-days after graduation challenge is reading more.  Being a double major in art and writing, and a lifelong lover of literature, the lack of reading I've done during college is really sad.  And the amount of times I've attempted to read and then got only two chapters in is even sadder.

The happy part is I've been able to read since graduation, and last night while I was soaking in a eucalyptus EO bath (I'm determined NOT to get sick even though my kiddos are sniffing around the house)...I got to finish Ms. Caldwell's witty and raw book.  There are three sections, and the story she wrote in the second section about how she "used to sing...but doesn't any more" resonated with me so deeply.

I am a Once Upon A Time Ago theater junkie, piano playing singer child and I totally understood the feeling of "Yes I can do that...oh wait...no I can't...I stopped".

This was not the only soul connecting story I bonded with, but it is the one that sticks out the most.  This book is wonderful, it's honest, it's open and I LOVE let me say LOVE that someone my age wrote about their life.  I am a lover of memoirs and life stories, but they always have happened 40+ something years ago...and to relate to iconic figures, trends and moments in history made the book and Ms. Caldwell's story THAT much more captivating.

So thank you Ms. Caldwell!
And I HIGHLY recommend this book (links for purchase below)

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