alyse / on top of CDA mini session


So being in the creative community circle, things and events and people start to over lap, and someone you know from somewhere knows someone else that you know from somewhere else or knows someone you'd just click's sort of magical...sort of creepy lol.

This is what happened with Alyse, a friend of mine knew her and when I was asking if anyone wanted to meet up and do a mini session in Coeur d' Lane we got connected over instagram and once we met up it was non stop talking.  From odd things our husbands do, to surviving being an art student in college, we talked the whole way up Mineral Ridge.  Alyse is also a BOMB designer and typographer so if your in the market for some logo work she's your girl.

We made it to the top for the last of the glowy and hazy light which made the perfect light set up for this shoot. I'm so in love with each of these photos its sort of pathetic, but I ain't got shame!

Thank you lady for hiking in the pitch dark with me and meeting up with me for these!  


if your interested in Alyse's work, you can check her out on facebook + her website