caiti / woman on fire session

she wore a smile like a loaded gun
— atticus

You know those people that come into your life with such a blazing fire that it doesn't matter if their right next to you, across the world, you stay in touch or you haven't heard from them since you don't know when? That would be this lady. And I'm lucky to say I hear from her consistently as she's taken over as honorary sister, best friend, aunt to my kids and so much!

Recently, life decided it be fun to once again try to knock this incredible woman down.  And with life shattering events, this woman drank a heck load of coffee, brushed off and got back up stronger than ever, with a smile still radiating.

I couldn't help but take advantage of when she came for a quick 24-hr stay to document this woman and all of her fierceness. It's been over a month since this shoot, and I'm slowly trying to regain my blogging momentum...let's just say I'm so not ready for school for my kids to start next week, for warm days and long nights and I've put off every other aspect in my life to try to soak up as much of it as possible.

I love you Cait <3 You are the wine to my tea cup!
You are a force and rediculously fierce! Never forget!

And so it continues ( ; )

With Grace+Guts,

CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-1.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-2.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-25.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-34.jpg
CaitiLeo_July2017_boss babe-43.jpg
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