Morocco Sahara Desert Engagement

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photography: Heather Woolery Photography
dress: Free People
venue: Kam Kam Dunes
design/planning: Mae and Co.

Heather Woolery is an Idaho based Pacific Northwest Destination small wedding and elopement photographer. She travels nationally and internationally to capture the honesty and beauty of her clients stories. Heather owns more hats than shoes, has a weakness for coffee and donuts and is an avid impulsive book buyer. If you’d like to meet with her over coffee to talk about your upcoming small wedding or elopement you can reach here HERE. Or if you’d like to see where she’s traveling to next, you can see a full list HERE.

Moroccan Rooftop Engagement

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Venue: Riad Chamali
Dress: Free People
Designed & Styled: Mae and Co and Anni Graham
Florist: Brier and Ivy
Jewelry: Tree Myriah

A Snowy North Idaho Engagement

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Heather Woolery is a wedding and elopement photographer for the adventurous and whimsical at heart. She is based out of North Idaho but is available nationally and world wild.

Ashlee + Dugar | Couples Session at the U-Pick Flower Farm


It’s no secret I LOVE my couples. I love them for exactly who they are when they come into a session. Even when one of them is just not going to kiss his girl in front of a camera. Why? How doesn’t this frustrate me? Because, it’s my job to capture my couple for who they are. These are their memories that I so humbly get to capture.

I got to meet Ashley (though I swear she’s Heidi Klum’s doppelgänger) and Dugar out at a local U-Pick flower garden. I played music while I had them piggy-back ride and run around all over the place. There was a little raspberry picking and a tiny bit of smooching (but for the smooching to happen I had to make dirty deals that I wouldn’t share um’ so I’m sticking to my word! lol)

We played out there till the sun began to drop low into the Palouse Hills all golden for the autumn harvest and just had a freaking blast. These two shared how they met, and I simply am always a sucker for blind dates that work out. So here’s just a few of my favorites from Ashlee and Dugar’s couples session earlier this summer.


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Ciarah + Kramer Owyhee Idaho Engagement


The Owyhee's in Idaho and Oregon have a HUGE space in my heart simply because they were my backyard as a child...


Those sunrises and and sunsets are unbeatable, which is why when I found this little waterfall tucked away in the Owyhee's I knew this was where these two love birds needed to have their engagement session...sunrise edition! And thank goodness they trusted me, got up crazy early and met me out there to capture their engagement photos amongst some of the most nostalgic landscape I know of.

I'm so jazzed about their upcoming wedding this summer! They are the sweetest humans alive with such a cute "how we started dating" story (but I'm saving that adorable story for their wedding blog post!)

When couples trust me like this, and just let me get crazy, I always am filled with a humbness that I can't explain. Like, "they amazing people are going to trust me to hop into a waterfall when we've never met before? Like WHAAA???"

Thank you Ciarah and Kramer for trusting me and getting up crazy early! I can't wait for your wedding this summer!

CK_JumpCreek_Engagement_edit-58 2.jpg


If your looking for unique, one of kind engagement photos that are unique to you and your significant other, message me! I love going out and sharing special locations I've found with you and capturing you both in your element loving up on one another.

Kassie + Jared Greenhouse Engagement Session in Spokane, WA


One of my absolute favorite places in Spokane, WA is hand's down Manito Park (followed by Atticus Coffee and Boulevard Mercantile). 

So When my couple asked if we could do their engagement session there (because that's where he had popped the question) I was so excited and 100% game. Now here's the most magical part of this session, it was down pouring the majority of the 5:28pm I was getting ready to do an umbrella based engagement session with how heavy the rain was coming 5:30 there was nothing but sunshine making previous droplets of rain glisten. And it stayed sunny for the whole engagement session...picking rain back up about 10-minutes after! Like WHAT!?! 

We started in the greenhouse and then wandered around the gardens and I was smitten with these two the whole time. They were up for any crazy request I had, we were laughing and giggling and talking about the romantic way that Jared had chosen to propose to Kassie and of course I got distracted by all the puppies walking around.

At one point I had then nose to nose and I asked them to say "I love you" but with no words only their eyes, and the look in their eyes made me so misty eyed I couldn't even handle it.

I cannot wait to capture these two's wedding this fall. But until then, you all get to swoon over their adorable and light soaked spring engagement session.


Kat + John + Kona Engagement: Colfax, WA


When couples book me to capture their wedding, I always recommend also doing an engagement session. The engagement session is, yes, getting you photos of you and your boo that you can use for invitations, save the dates, decor at the wedding, etc but it also allows us (couple + photographer) to really get to know each other. It gives us a couple hours to learn about each other, what each of us are comfortable with, what we want/don't want so that when the big day comes you as the couple have one less thing on your plate...trusting your photographer.

I am so STOKED to capture Kay and Johns wedding this October, but a couple weekends ago got a chance to FINALLY meet them on a typical over-casty spring day in the inland northwest. They took me to a state park I'd never heard of and I had them pile up with pillows, some beer and their fur baby, Kona in the back of their car, hike around, run into each other, and bolder some rocks all for the sake of capturing them and who they are as a couple.

Their love for one another, mother nature, and their fur babies was evident and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Their goofiness was in prime spotlight, and with that being who they are, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

So here's some sneak peeks and Kat and Johns (and well Kona's) engagement session in Colfax, Wa.


Seattle, WA 2018


At the beginning of March my kid's had spring break and my family took full advantage of this and planned a full-week in Seattle, WA.

We spent a couple day's in the city, drove out to the Olympic National Park one day, and then towards the end of the week I got to meet Madi from The Jen Collective, another wonderful photographer, at Discovery Point and photograph these two love birds who are getting married in the next few weeks!

I also go to do my first Instagram takeover during this session which was such a crazy cool experience! I'm really trying to get over my fear of public speaking and Instagram's Live is really pushing me to do just that (and embrace my social awkwardness!)

In the last 6-months my dream (my business) has really grown and I am so humbled by all the opportunities, all the connections, this community and all of my amazing clients! So thank you to everyone who's been a building block, a shoulder, a cheer squad, and a cup of coffee through it all!

So here's some of my absolute favorites from this impromptu engagement session.

I hope you all have a fabulous and amazing Monday!

With Grace+Guts,


Ruby Beach WA with Lauren + Will


So the Olympic National Park has been on my bucket list for YEARS! And a couple weeks ago I finally got to go for a day during my week long visit to Seattle, WA. I was so excited...and no a single day didn't even let me scratch the surface but I got to hang out on Ruby Beach and Second Beach, drive through Forks and La Push and be surrounded by a natural beauty that just couldn't be beat (I'm serious...I fell so hardcore in love that if anyone wants to book sessions there I'll give you a screaming deal!)

So of course I had to take full advantage of me finally getting to explore two of the beaches on my never ending "beaches I need to see" list and I got to do a sun filled couples session of Lauren and Will at Ruby Beach. Full daylight still scares me as I'm such a fan of blue hour, but I ran into head on and captured some of the most amazing sun flares to date - and I love my sun flares!

These two cuties were so much fun, and I loved watching them loosen up and fully enjoy themselves too! They were such a prime example of why I love what I do...I love to capture my clients stories and moments, finding their joy and their peace all in a location that embodies them or that means something to them. I cannot wait to go back to this magical PNW rain forest, but for now I'm so grateful for the challenge of full on sun (I mean how much more blessed could I be with sunshine on the PNW coastline in the spring?!?) and for a couple who was so wonderful and open to getting their toes sandy and having fun.


Linnea + Cam: Windy February Day


I've lived on the Palouse for almost 7-years, and when your leaving Idaho and driving into Eastern Washington, to your right you will find this old barn that for the last series of years has been almost been flattened by the means of weather and age. It's honestly a hot spot for photographers, who've been capturing it's slow fall through the seasons for who knows how long...but for some hasn't been until recently that I've found an interest in really capturing this small little parcel that's been such a special spot for photographers for years.

Unfortunately, when I got there, the winter's extreme rain fall had turned the field between the car turnout and the dilapidated bard into feet deep of mud. Something I hadn't checked till minutes before my clients arrived. But we did the best we could as a storm rolled in and in 45-minutes I can't explain how full my heart was from these two and their love.

Sometimes all you need is an open field, a dying barn in the distant background and a couple who's love is bigger than any location you could possibly find.


A Snowy Dunes Afternoon


Every photographer has some dream locations that they'd love to shoot at. For me, one of them is the Alvord Desert in Eastern, Oregon. I was going to be only 3-hours away during the Christmas break and took it as my chance.

This was also the most perfect time to work with some local businesses I'd been swooning over. I reached out to GreyJays, Rust+Thistle and Bully For You and they all were all so sweet and enthusiastic.

I had everything set up ready to go, and at 10:45 pm the night before my couple backed out. I tried everything...I reached out to every Idaho based photographer I knew, Facebook and Instagram. I was sort of pathetic but desperate.

Somewhere along the lines I got connected to a couple and we moved the shoot to later down the week. We weren't able to all go out to Alvord but we drove 2 hours out of town to the Bruneau Dunes State Park. The dunes were covered in snow and though it was cold and no where near the warm desert, about 5-minutes into the session I realized I had the most amazing couple. A couple who will be celebrating their 11-year anniversary this month, but were so stinking adorable you wouldn't think they had an adorable family with kids celebrating 11-years of marriage.

Last year I went to a workshop and something one of the leaders said was "the location never should matter..." and it was out on this shoot that that really sunk in for me.  It was the best way to end 2017.

Here's just a few of my favorites from our time on the snowy dunes.


Happy anniversary Botkins and thank you GreyJays, Rust+Thistle and Bully For You for being such amazing creatives to collaborate with.


Jewelry: GreyJays (Boise, ID)
Florals: Rust+Thistle (Boise, ID)
Rug: Bully For You (Colfax, WA)
Edited: Heather Woolery Presets


greta+cody / stanley park engagement session


When the lady who came to the rescue to make sure your own wedding was sheer bliss gets engaged…it doesn’t matter where on God’s green earth she lives…you get your butt there and you do an engagement session STAT.  Even if she, in fact, lives in another country.

This past Saturday, I was in Vancouver BC ironically and completely unplanned on Canada Day (it’s like the 4th of July…just waaay cooler!)  This was also the day that I met up with one of the bestest people that came into my life because of school and her fiancé at the most gorgeous “park” I’d ever seen.

Stanley Park is literally smack dab in the middle of North and South Vancouver BC as a island wedge of ocean, playgrounds, water parks for kids, the aquarium etc etc etc (I’ll make a post about my trip soon, I PROMISE!) But this was the place we all decided to meet at for this lovely session.

There was 90’s kids jokes, desperation for Mexican food (which just doesn’t exist in Vancouver!!??), hockey paraphernalia and a lot of smooching. 

I’m so thrilled for my lady and her man. 
The wedding might not be for a smidgen, but these photos sure make the heart grow fonder of these two and the life their building together.

So Cheers to Greta + Cody.

With Grace+Guts,


Greta+Cody | Stanley Park BC

ceci + colton / a neighborhood session


It's probably pretty evident at this point that I get idea's for sessions and when those idea's spur I have a hard time getting the idea out of my head.  Instead I usually make a call out for a free photo session to anyone willing to play along.

This is one of those sessions.
But it turned out to be with some very special people.

My husband and I have been blessed repeatedly with over the top amazing babysitter's for our children - people who genuinely love our kids and people our kids genuinely love back.  Which as a mom is EVERYTHING.

This session, I got to give light and love on one of those amazing humans in my children's life and her new fiancé.  Let me be clear - THIS WAS NOT THEIR ENGAGEMENT SESSION.  These two played along with this crazy notion I had to walk around the adorable residential area of our town and just take in the spring joy and goodness.

Their goofiness was clear the whole time as they joked, licked each other, tickled and laughed profusely at one another.  I couldn't stop laughing myself at their laughter.  It was over the top contagious.

We ran into an old VW bus, hovered in front of peoples yards to get photos with their flowers and stood in the middle of the road to get these memories and moments in this sweet couples life.  This adventure of a session was worth every little piculiar and crazy thing.  And I only wish the absolute best that there is in this world to this couple.

With Grace+Guts,

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017

Ceci + Colton: A Neighborhood Session | Heather Woolery Photography 2017