North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding | Kooskia, Idaho

CT Wedding_Bridals-7.jpg

I love when couples make their wedding unique to them and who they are. From picking a location close to their heart, handmade cakes, table decor collected from various shops, beer from the brewery they work at, and of course filled with their closest friends and family. These are the weddings that never leave me heart, simply because the couple puts their whole heart into the day. And this was how Cody and Tylers wedding was this September.

They reserved a campground and filled with with BBQ and beer from a brewery Tyler works at, the tables were decorated with the brides vintage camera collection and I cried at their first look and during all the toasts. I am always a lover of details, and this sweet wedding was full of them from the groom’s Sasquatch socks to celebrate the North Idaho heritage to the table with Minnesota and North Idaho details to bring love to both the bride and grooms homelands.

Here’s just a few highlights from Cody and Tylers North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding.

CT Wedding_getting ready-5.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-16.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-18.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-29.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-14.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-27.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-30.jpg
CT Wedding_Getting Ready-32.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridal Party-1.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridal Party-6.jpg
CT Wedding_Wedding Party-13.jpg
CT Wedding_Wedding Party-32.jpg
CT Wedding_details-7.jpg
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CT Wedding_details-2.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-1.jpg
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CT Wedding_First Look-6.jpg
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CT Wedding_First Look-16.jpg
CT Wedding_First Look-17.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-12.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-19.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-22.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-28.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-31.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-32.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-33.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-35.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-49.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-54.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-55.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-56.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-57.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-5.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-6.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-26.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-27.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-7.jpg
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