week 46, 47: coming to an end


It's been just a little over 47-weeks since I crossed the stage, moved my tassel from one side to the other and the state of Idaho declared I had graduated in a bachelors of Fine Art and Creative Writing. Roughly 329 days since I graduated and I started this 365-day challenge, something I've achieved and failed at both intrinsically. On December 9th it'll officially be 365 and the calendar will just keep on rolling, as a symbol to keep moving forward.

I never got to go to Iceland and well I never got to pick up a cello.
But this year has been such a year of growth.
So much has changed, and yet I am still me, just a stronger (still 100% unsure of what I'm doing) but never the less "This is Me" kind of me.

In a couple weeks I'll be releasing my list "Did's and Didn't's", and "What the heck is next" along with the project I've mentioned a couple times that I've been working on.

Right now I'm feeling super unstable and full throttle humble.
Thank you to everyone who's stuck around, to give love, support and late night midnight rants. And even thank you to those who didn't stick around, who left me behind, you've shown me so much and strengthened me in this crazy life of trying to leave the world a better place and finding happiness.

Keep Moving Forward Bebes.

With Grace+Guts,

Heather WooleryComment