Day 1/365


Well, I did it.  Yesterday I graduated. I graduated. Let me type that one more time...I Grad-U-Ated!
I graduated on the snowiest day of the year so far, surrounded by my few classmates that have been on this long journey with me and I was overwhelmed and overjoyed...and a little embarrassed when I was on the "I graduated" video for the whole congregation to see *oye-vey*

But never the less, I did it.  And someday I'll go back to school for my Masters, and beyond, but for now it's me taking a deep breath and taking on my 365-challenge.  

Day one of 365 has been filled to the brim, which I'm not expecting each 365-day to be, but today was one that I'm sure I will cherish close to my heart forever.  My little family and I drove out early today to go get our Christmas tree and to sneak some sledding in as well.  We then decorated the tree, and I won't lie there were a few meltdowns between my kiddos (and maybe my husband and I), and maybe there wasn't enough coffee, but it was a day for the books.

One of my things on this list was to spend more time with my kids.  I felt as I was going to school that I was there for them...and I mean I really was there for them, but I wanted to be really involved with my kids...not worrying about what homework i was putting off to be spending time with them.  And so, that is what I did today.  I sledded with my kids, watched Charlie Brown, I packed them a lunch for the snowy tailgate in the woods and we laughed about how everything was frozen...including the wipes.

Tomorrow...piano and writing.  For now...sleep.

With Grace + Guts,