BFA Exhibition: Matryoshka

Yesterday I went into the Ridenbaugh Gallery connected to the University of Idaho and pulled all of my stuff down.  It was 2-hours of mixed emotions.  Here was the culmination of my 5-years in college as a art + writing student and in a 2-weeks time it was put up, viewed and was now being taken down.  Bitter sweetness is for lack of better words.

I'm now into a month before graduation and though I'm nervous, I've got my plans, my list of "Heather Will Do's" (which I will share with you later in December) and now it's time for me to finish up my thesis and graduate.  

On this note you'll be seeing a couple changes to the website over the next few weeks in my portfolio areas, but don't worry, everything will just needs to be relocated.

Here's a few photos of the installation and you can view the whole gallery HERE.

With Grace+Guts,


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