greta+cody / stanley park engagement session


When the lady who came to the rescue to make sure your own wedding was sheer bliss gets engaged…it doesn’t matter where on God’s green earth she lives…you get your butt there and you do an engagement session STAT.  Even if she, in fact, lives in another country.

This past Saturday, I was in Vancouver BC ironically and completely unplanned on Canada Day (it’s like the 4th of July…just waaay cooler!)  This was also the day that I met up with one of the bestest people that came into my life because of school and her fiancé at the most gorgeous “park” I’d ever seen.

Stanley Park is literally smack dab in the middle of North and South Vancouver BC as a island wedge of ocean, playgrounds, water parks for kids, the aquarium etc etc etc (I’ll make a post about my trip soon, I PROMISE!) But this was the place we all decided to meet at for this lovely session.

There was 90’s kids jokes, desperation for Mexican food (which just doesn’t exist in Vancouver!!??), hockey paraphernalia and a lot of smooching. 

I’m so thrilled for my lady and her man. 
The wedding might not be for a smidgen, but these photos sure make the heart grow fonder of these two and the life their building together.

So Cheers to Greta + Cody.

With Grace+Guts,


Greta+Cody | Stanley Park BC