An Intimate Joshua Tree Elopement


I was in Germany last September visiting family when I got an email from this bride saying that in less than a month she and her man were eloping in Joshua Tree. They had been trying to get married for a while and life just kept happening, causing them to just not be able to tie the knot. I had little to none of my stuff with me that I typically send brides nor was I able to just call them up and talk with them as I was on vacation, but I just knew in my gut I had to help capture this elopement for them. We built an email relationship quickly and two weeks after landing back in the States I was flying out to run a 48-hour marathon. A marathon of wake up, fly out to California, photograph this amazing elopement and then fly out the very next morning. And it was every bit worth it.

From the moment I drove up to their venue I was greeted by the sweetest humans who just kept making me feel so welcome and a part of the celebration through the whole night. After the sweetest and intimate ceremony I’ve ever been a part of where the brides grandparents officiated, they celebrated by sharing toasts of champaign and all the family and friends hugs one could imagine.

While everyone else went back to the reception site, I snuck these two off into the park to take bridals which included honks of congratulations from other Joshua Tree park visitors, some sisterly love and finding the perfect Joshua Tree to take photos with. Driving in the car with them back to the reception site, I was filled with the absolute of knowing that I was so humbled that I got to photograph Remy and Lukes elopement. Not because it was a “destination elopement” but because of their love and their sweetness towards one another.

When we got back to the venue for the reception, the bride, grandma and the rest of the family helped set up the dessert table while the groom, an incredible chef out of Bend, Oregon helped set up the most magical array of drinks and set up the taco bar (this couple had Manchego cheese and a taco bar…it was like they knew my soul!) Not to mention I had my own spot at the table. The toasts had me wrecked, as each sweet friend and family member rose to toast this couple whom I’d only met less than 24-hours ago and whom I was so in love with and moved by. And after the coyote visitor who wanted to join in the taco festivities left and the cake was cut I went back to my hotel with my heart so full. It was the best way to end the 2018 wedding season and I’m still to this day so humbled that my bride and groom not only trusted me to come out and capturing this magical day but also made me feel so welcome and apart of everything.

Here is some of the highlights that had me blown away from this magical intimate Joshua Tree Elopement:

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