jamie // wsu graduation session

jamie marks | wsu 2017 graduation session | heather woolery

jamie marks | wsu 2017 graduation session | heather woolery


recently i spent a sleepless night browsing the rabbit hole that is better known as pinterest and found this quote:

magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to.
the universe always fall’s in love with a stubborn heart.
— unknown

anyone who's gone to college can testify how true this statement is...oh how many times i wanted to give up while i was in school...and yet now...i look back and all there is is pride.  because yes! i did that! me. and this may, this beautiful boss lady who i'm lucky enough to call friend is graduating from washington state university in pullman, washington.

can i get a huge whoop! whoop! for this lady!!!

i have lived only 20-minutes from this campus for 5+ years, however jamie was my first official tour guide for the campus and as we hung out, snapped pictures and played with the unchangeable april winds, one thing was clear, this lady is so loved and will do so much good...I'm so dang excited for her.

we were stopped by beloved friends on campus, we laughed at the strange things i did or made jamie do, to get the shots and enjoyed the first major real sliver of blue sky and sunshine we've seen in quite some time.

good things are coming for this lady. 

so congratulations my friend!  i'm so excited for all your future endeavors.

with grace+guts,