365/ week forty-four: here's to beating my drum


Here's a PSA to all of my followers, friends, haters, judgers, supporters, family and every other person in between:

+ Never grow up! I mean it, society wants you to believe that conforming and holding back is being well behaved and it'll pay off in the end. Honesty...it won't. It will only fill you with regret.

+ Stand up for yourself! If you don't who will? Instead what will happen is you get run over and taken advantage of and it's like rape of the soul and you are too amazing to let that happen.

+ Just do it! Jump darling! The cliff is "safe" but eventually it will crumble, so just jump, pray and believe in yourself.

+ Status isn't life! Be honest with yourself, even if you loose people, and your not the cool kid anymore. Status is so artificial, it holds not strength or value. Its hard as hell, but when you realize that status, a million followers, friends in "high" places, and fame in what ever form is nothing but a vapor in the wind when it comes to judgment day, you'll feel stronger then ever before.

+ Follow your heart! You know what I'm talking about here. The thing that weighs on your chest at night when your trying to sleep. When you feel so empty and your day dreaming about something totally different. Your so scared, how will you pay your bills, feed yourself (Even take care of other lives in your life?) Tell me this though, how will you live with yourself if you never follow your heart but instead follow another's dream working 9-5 slaving for nothing?

If I had a megaphone I'd be on my roof yelling this on top of my lungs. If I could give you a hug and tell you its all going to work out I would. But take the day, seize it, sleep like a baby for the first time in months (or years!) knowing your fulfilling yourself and doing what you were put on Gods good green earth to do.

I'm week forty-four into this, creeping closer and closer to a year of graduation and man there has been peeks and valley's.

I've lost so much, so many in my life. But the most painful lost was fully realizing this week that I hadn't just lost my best friend, family, art shows, writing competitions but I had in fact lost myself in the plastic facade of the world.

And I'm about to change that all.

With Grace+Guts,

OH...and here's a playlist I put together this morning for all of ya'll! Now lets go get some @$$, scream with joy from our gut, and run into the unknown smiling!

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