Lance + Kylee's Uniontown, WA Dog Filled Wedding


When the first time your going to meet your bride and groom is on the day of their wedding, sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking - because - well, I invest so much of my heart and soul into each of my couples and I want them to have a wonderful experience. But from the moment I got out of my car, I was embraced with so much love and kindness.

The bride was Disney's Princess Aurora in the flesh. From her loose curl up-do, straight down to her heart which is so devoted to loving all creatures, including her two fur babies.
It seemed as if the invitation was not just made out to their relatives and friends but to all the owners dogs as well, as I had a hard time taking a photo without a fur baby in it somewhere...which let's be honest...isn't a bad problem to have!

They served BBQ and Mac and Cheese (let me get an Amen!), the DJ conspired with the grooms mother and played The Macarena getting both the bride and groom to dance, and little kids ran up and down the field hills while the adults drank, talked and loved on the sweet couple!

This was probably the best way I could have kicked off the 2018 wedding season, and I feel so honored and blessed to have been able to celebrate Kylee and Lance's I Do's. So here's a little sneak peek at their sweet wedding out in the Uniontown Washington countryside on the groom's folks' working wheat and pea farm.