Linnea + Cam: Windy February Day


I've lived on the Palouse for almost 7-years, and when your leaving Idaho and driving into Eastern Washington, to your right you will find this old barn that for the last series of years has been almost been flattened by the means of weather and age. It's honestly a hot spot for photographers, who've been capturing it's slow fall through the seasons for who knows how long...but for some hasn't been until recently that I've found an interest in really capturing this small little parcel that's been such a special spot for photographers for years.

Unfortunately, when I got there, the winter's extreme rain fall had turned the field between the car turnout and the dilapidated bard into feet deep of mud. Something I hadn't checked till minutes before my clients arrived. But we did the best we could as a storm rolled in and in 45-minutes I can't explain how full my heart was from these two and their love.

Sometimes all you need is an open field, a dying barn in the distant background and a couple who's love is bigger than any location you could possibly find.