hello november

october extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and november arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and face.
— j.k. rowling, harry potter and the order of the phoenix
November 2017 Moode Board.jpg

yesterday was autumn, yet frost bit fading jack-o-lanterns adorn each doorway reminding us this morning that november is in fact hear and winter is on the cusp and right around the corner.

being a sun driven individual, the return of winter is always a hard one to accept and is reluctantly accepted. however, there isn't anything that my tantrum will affect other then my mood so i am determined this winter to at least try my best to at least find warmth, comfort and joy in the darker, colder season on winter.

this includes cozy knits in neutral colors and various sizes, snuggly oversized scarfs with fun and playful patterns, stocking up on "man i want to read" books and magazines, sending more letters, spending more time in the slow and finding peace and joy in the quiet and still.

earlier this year i really purged my closet (and home) in hopes of living a more minimalistic life (but not being a devout minimalist, being a mama has caused complications in being 100% minimalist.) the beauty in this is it's allowing me room to start collecting more quality items slowly that i can build and play with throughout the colder months. i've started scouring some of my favorite sites such as ModCloth and thredUP as well as stocking up on "pin that on the fridge" worthy cards from Artifact Uprising to encourage myself to write more and e-mail/text less.

it was at the end of last winter when i was introduced to the concept of "hygge", that highlights the exact concept of what i'm striving for this winter. it encourages slowing down, getting cozy, and taking pleasure in people and the simple things in life. so this will be the theme for the next couple of months, and i've collected and put together a few of my favorite things i've found to help with the snuggle and to cozy.

summer lovers hang in there, and winter lovers be gentle to us.
and novemeber, welcome.

with grace+guts,