Ciarah + Kramer Owyhee Idaho Engagement


The Owyhee's in Idaho and Oregon have a HUGE space in my heart simply because they were my backyard as a child...


Those sunrises and and sunsets are unbeatable, which is why when I found this little waterfall tucked away in the Owyhee's I knew this was where these two love birds needed to have their engagement session...sunrise edition! And thank goodness they trusted me, got up crazy early and met me out there to capture their engagement photos amongst some of the most nostalgic landscape I know of.

I'm so jazzed about their upcoming wedding this summer! They are the sweetest humans alive with such a cute "how we started dating" story (but I'm saving that adorable story for their wedding blog post!)

When couples trust me like this, and just let me get crazy, I always am filled with a humbness that I can't explain. Like, "they amazing people are going to trust me to hop into a waterfall when we've never met before? Like WHAAA???"

Thank you Ciarah and Kramer for trusting me and getting up crazy early! I can't wait for your wedding this summer!

CK_JumpCreek_Engagement_edit-58 2.jpg


If your looking for unique, one of kind engagement photos that are unique to you and your significant other, message me! I love going out and sharing special locations I've found with you and capturing you both in your element loving up on one another.