ray / hazy hike mini session


Lately my drive to keep taking photos and work in the creative space has been on fire, I can't stop, won't stop!  When I found out we were headed to the mountains for labor day I put out a call for a couple mini-session slots and Ray was one of the people who responded.  

It was a brief hike, and I had him climbing moss covered hills, hanging out in the grass and brush and fallen trees, hand in pocket, out of pocket, smile, don't smile...let's be honest, when it's a mini session the hustle is on because even though its not a full shoot I still want my client/model to feel AMAZING!

Through the thick haze and smoke from all the wild fires, we hiked Mineral Point outside of Sandpoint, ID and met at "golden hour" which I mean as "golden" as one can get with all the smoke, lol.  Ray was a trooper, easy to work with and seriously ladies...if you want his digits...just leave a comment below and I'll help a lady out ;)