North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding | Kooskia, Idaho

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I love when couples make their wedding unique to them and who they are. From picking a location close to their heart, handmade cakes, table decor collected from various shops, beer from the brewery they work at, and of course filled with their closest friends and family. These are the weddings that never leave me heart, simply because the couple puts their whole heart into the day. And this was how Cody and Tylers wedding was this September.

They reserved a campground and filled with with BBQ and beer from a brewery Tyler works at, the tables were decorated with the brides vintage camera collection and I cried at their first look and during all the toasts. I am always a lover of details, and this sweet wedding was full of them from the groom’s Sasquatch socks to celebrate the North Idaho heritage to the table with Minnesota and North Idaho details to bring love to both the bride and grooms homelands.

Here’s just a few highlights from Cody and Tylers North Idaho Wilderness Camp Wedding.

CT Wedding_getting ready-5.jpg
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CT Wedding_Getting Ready-14.jpg
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CT Wedding_Ceremony-32.jpg
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CT Wedding_Ceremony-56.jpg
CT Wedding_Ceremony-57.jpg
CT Wedding_bridals-5.jpg
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CT Wedding_Bridals-27.jpg
CT Wedding_Bridals-7.jpg
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Hi! I’m Heather. I’m an adventurous elopement photographer & traveler based in Idaho that travels national and worldwide to help couples like you capture your unforgettable wedding experience and telling your story that is completely yours for generations.

Finding the right wedding photographer is sort of like going on a first date. Let me help make planning and capturing your special day with no regrets.


Ciarah and Kramer | Coeur d'Alene, ID Wedding

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I can’t help but love that feeling when I show up to a bride and grooms venue and one of them see’s me and it’s just instant hugs. I really cherish my couple and I’s relationships and it just is that “yeah let’s do this thing!” sort of feeling when I walk into a venue and feel that warm greeting. And nothing less happened when I showed up to the Blackwell house in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for Ciarah and Kramers wedding.

I was instantly greeted by Ciarah and then given a grand tour of this incredible venue (which I may steal the stair case and the honeycomb tile in the bathroom one of these day’s when I figure out how lol)

There were so many sweet details to capture, from Ciarah’s gorgeous gown from Anthropology to the simple yet statement bridal bouquet all the way down to the hand stitched ring pillow Ciarah’s mom made for her and Kramer (insert heartfelt tears here please.)

The day was filled with sisterly love, excited nieces, aunt’s dancing on the dance floor, cookie dough bites that were to die for and one very happy Goldendoodle named Ollie who’s mom and dad got married. The love in this wedding was everywhere on this perfect summer day and I couldn’t have been more blessed to be able to be apart of it.

CK Wed_details-13.jpg
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CK Wed_details-1.jpg
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CK Wed_getting ready-1.jpg
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CK Wed_getting ready-32.jpg
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CK Wed_Ceremony -26.jpg
CK Wed_Ceremony -41.jpg
CK Wed_Ceremony -39.jpg
CK Wed_Ceremony -52.jpg
CK Wed_ceremony-6.jpg
CK Wed_Ceremony -73.jpg
CK Wed_Ceremony -89.jpg
CK Wed_Bridals-14.jpg
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CK Wed_Reception-91.jpg
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CK Wed_Reception-202.jpg
CK Wed_reception-15.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-32.jpg
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CK Wed_Reception-120.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-208.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-216.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-244.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-228.jpg
CK Wed_Reception-275.jpg
CK Wed_Bridals-29.jpg

Congratulations Ciarah and Kramer! And thank you for letting me be apart of your special day.

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Kat + John + Kona Engagement: Colfax, WA


When couples book me to capture their wedding, I always recommend also doing an engagement session. The engagement session is, yes, getting you photos of you and your boo that you can use for invitations, save the dates, decor at the wedding, etc but it also allows us (couple + photographer) to really get to know each other. It gives us a couple hours to learn about each other, what each of us are comfortable with, what we want/don't want so that when the big day comes you as the couple have one less thing on your plate...trusting your photographer.

I am so STOKED to capture Kay and Johns wedding this October, but a couple weekends ago got a chance to FINALLY meet them on a typical over-casty spring day in the inland northwest. They took me to a state park I'd never heard of and I had them pile up with pillows, some beer and their fur baby, Kona in the back of their car, hike around, run into each other, and bolder some rocks all for the sake of capturing them and who they are as a couple.

Their love for one another, mother nature, and their fur babies was evident and I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Their goofiness was in prime spotlight, and with that being who they are, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

So here's some sneak peeks and Kat and Johns (and well Kona's) engagement session in Colfax, Wa.


Puppy love/ couple session with Kellyn and Nathan


I love it when my clients message me about a shoot where their personality just fills the message, the room, the space.
This is exactly what happened when Kellyn first messaged me, it went along the lines of "I'm looking for couple photos with my boyfriend of X-years and our three dogs"...need I say more I was so in from the first second.

Once we finally met up for the shoot, I was so jazzed, and their three furr babies were so adorable I'll admit there were times it was hard to focus because, I mean, common, LOOK AT THEM!

I absolutely loved this shoot, it was one of those where as a photographer your looking at the shots and your crying inside with happiness screaming "this is SOOOO good!" having the hardest time trying to choose which ones!

Thank you Kellyn and Nathan (and your three adorable fur babies)! I hope you all have a blast with the upcoming snow! It was a blast working with you!

With Grace+Guts,


365/ week 31


I'll be straight with you, I absolutley cannot stand the phrase "for those who cannot do, teach."


When I first moved up North, one of my first jobs was being a daycare teacher at my daughters daycare.  But what ended up turning into was me being the art coordinator and organizing art projects for kids ages 2years old to 8 years old.  And what surprised me the most was how much I loved it.

Fast forward two years and I got a work study at the local gallery and ended up helping the art education director to get extra hours...once again loving it.  This turned into me helping her for the two summer camps two years in a row, starting an after school program called ASAP (After School Art Program) all the way to this week where I organized, planned and taught my first summer camp.

This would be the main reason of my MIA on Instagram and Facebook.  I've been exhausted in every way and yet so grateful to be up to my neck in creative endeavors.  Because I don't just teach, with me in current two shows (in Idaho and Oregon), booked every month photo sessions, coordinating art events, designing for million $$ clients and chugging that coffee, i'd say I'm living that hustling artist life.  Which takes me back to my first statement.  I really don't like that phrase about teachers.
- Teaching is HARD work
- You can't teach unless you actually "do"

Now to curl up and finish my 2nd book of the summer while eating leftovers..  If you haven't discovered Miranda July yet, she's a MUST.

With Grace+Guts


365 / week twenty-three

First off.
Let me say...thank goodness it's friday.
Let's just take 30-seconds to take that in..............................

Well, good morning.

This past week felt more "productive" on the checking things off the list aspect as I spent some major quality time with my studio, purging all the past work that doesn't serve me any more and just putting it all up for sale all to make room for my new bodies of work, the online shop I'll be launching here on the site soon and me working on my book.

I also got that shoulder tattoo and i'm so swooning in love with it.  I'm sort of addicted to tattoos, but addicted because each one I have has never been an impulse but has a novel of love and reason behind the ink.  So it's been quite a while since I was in a tattoo shop, and to get one more before leaving the 208 meant a lot to me.  It was designed by a friend who was really there for me when my daughters custody case broke out - and a friend who can put up with that emotional mess is someone who will forever me tied to my heart.  She put in wild flowers but with such a delicate touch that it's just one of those pieces I will forever love.

I finally am on the last bit of a book, that has taken me FAR TOO LONG to read, but I will be posting it's "book review" later in the week and then will get started on my summer book club list...

When I got outside this morning, rushing my kids to ACTUALLY GET IN THE DARN CAR SO WE"RE NOT LATE FOR SCHOOL YET AGAIN, and literally took five-seconds to just breathe in the sun.  Up in North Idaho we've been getting one day here and there of sun while the rest of the week in down pour of rain, sleet and cold as all get out (I still have wool sweaters in my closest ya'll!  I kid you not!) And every time that sun comes out I am reminded that we're just moments in such an amazing world and where this is all leading we will never know - but to take that quick moment of life and make it matter.

So once again - we've made it to friday ya'll.
I hope you all have an amazing and blessed weekend (with HOPE HOPE some sunshine!!!)

With Grace+Guts,

Design by: @klovelace13  | Tattoo done by: @thadsallfolks  | Tattoo shop: Bitterroot Moscow, ID

Nathan+Skyler: A January Wedding


I have come to learn (and continue to learn) that there is beauty in the stressful, ugly, and sad.  I first met Nathan a few years ago, shortly before my daughters custody case broke loose into the mess that it is.  Nathan was one of the first who gave his love and support to help my husband and I through this hard time.  I came to meet Skyler while working at a coffee house, a job that I had landed after being laid off while my husband was deployed.  Both of them I had gotten to know simply because of awful things I was going through, and this was a blessing.

Little would I have put two and two together that these two creative, talented, loving souls would actually end up being the answer to each others lives.  And as midnight struck and we waved 2016 good-bye and welcomed 2017 into our lives, Nathan and Skyler said I do downtown in our tiny town.

On Friday the 13th, the three of us tromped through feet of snow, muscled through freezing temps and zig-zagged through downtown's alleyways, and I was a lucky one to capture these two.  Lucky enough to be just a small puzzle piece in their new life.  

Here's just a taste of the day.  Happiest of blessings to you Nathan and Skyler, and congratulations again darlings <3

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery

Nathan + Skylar Wedding - January 2017 - Heather Woolery


any given sunday.

A March Saturday | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

A March Saturday | All Rights Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

Saturday's spent at home are a rare breed around my dwelling anymore.  Between my husbands military + job obligations, my art shows + schooling, my daughter's visitations down south and the random obligations that come with being a living human...getting to just be home is a beautiful, cherished thing around here.

So this weekend has been early wake-up call's by my little Kraken's (because they still have yet to realize what the term's "Saturday" and "sleep in" mean.  It's been a down pour of rain and us just re-potting indoor plants that have been sadly neglected over this winter of busy and rush. 

I was pleased though to see, in the small amount of time I spent outside this weekend, that my lavender plants are starting to down pour of rain be damned...spring is truly coming!  (chaco tan lines I'm coming for you!)

However, though there has been small little promises of warmer weather, I couldn't help while at the grocery store to grab milk, also grabbing a couple bunches of these daffodils that I polka-dotted all over the house.  The smell has brought a yellow cheery sense to this little dwelling.  

Recently, a lot of struggles + frustrations have seemed to pile up, this house being one of them, and yet in the midst of "doom + gloom" it's always surprising how some comfy overall's, fresh cut flowers, a hot London fog and some studio time or curled up reading a book can make the world seem so much more beautiful...alive.

The Nuart | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

The Nuart | All Right's Reserved: Heather Woolery 2016

On Friday, I went downtown for a meeting about an upcoming show for my "I Am The Man" project (you can see HERE) and as I locked my car, I looked across the street at our Nuart Theater, and I couldn't help but pull my camera out and snap this picture.  I walk by this building every week, I actually go to that building frequently, and yet, for some reason, the rain gave it a new feel.  I have this love for store fronts and old buildings.  I've always felt like bricks were sponges.  Soaking up time and memories and yet holding up for all that is to come.

Something that has recently become more important is music.  Now my iPod is a jumble of bipolar scrambled eggs and I have a deeper love for vinyl then most know about me, but my musical, piano playing past has started to creep back up on me.  As I'm rearing to the end of my college career (for now, I doubt I'll ever truly be done) plus orders on my etsy shop, upcoming art shows, and being an editor for a couple love for reading, writing + art have defiantly been consumed as my "lively-hood", my job.  So its of no surprise to me that my need for an outlet that hasn't been consumed in some work fashion took over my husband's little ukulele.  He had received it as a gift from his parents when they went to Hawaii while we were still dating...and he's maybe pulled it out twice.  Over last summer he tried to teach me guitar but my tiny body compared to his full guitar made me feel more like I was hugging Sasquatch versus playing something beautiful.  I then tried the ukulele and found that it's 'c' cord to be by far one of the happiest sounds in this world...and since then I keep teaching myself this happy little instrument. (photo credit to my 6-year old who has an obsession of taking pictures...I wonder who she learned that from lol).

Recently I've begun delving into Sally Mann's new book "Hold Still", first and foremost for my thesis research, but secondly it had been recommended to me it felt like a million time.  About two pages in, I was swooning over this woman's words and adoring that she had added pictures and scanned in artifacts of letters, report cards etc. into her memoir.  It's been such a beautiful read on photography + memories + childhood + becoming and most of all, living a life.

And I won't lie, I've spent a couple too late of nights and a handful of really early mornings to read this book...but as a take reading time when you can get it.

In a way, this blog post feels mundane, unnecessary, but then again, if felt necessary.  Over the week, I share so many beautiful moments and images on Instagram, and there is only so much of "me, myself + I" that I can put in the portfolio and I so badly want to share these small moments.  The story behind each image.  

But as much as I love these lazy weekends, I won't lie, I'm so grateful it's spring break, and I'm about to leave town to snag some beautiful shots, drink too much coffee, keep reading Sally Mann and get extra snuggles from my little Krakens.

If you don't already: you can follow all my adventures, coffee raves, motherly moments and making strives on Instagram @heather_woolery + now on Twitter @heatherwoolery.

Raining Snow, Realizations + Coffee

Since I've gotten back from Guatemala it's been a whirl wind of school, senior studio, new work schedules, teaching, still trying to move into our new place and other family ordeals and I've failed to let you all know about my trip down to Guatemala...and I'm in all honesty so sorry.

For the past handful of day's here in North Idaho it's been raining snow - quite literally - and I have quite literally learned that my TOMS may not be the best sort of footwear for this sort of weather.  I've also tried breaking out the Chaco's and the Birkenstocks without socks...and I'm sure this is all a direct result of my revolting against the PNW weather I do truly love but still longing for that Guatemalan sunshine.

I've been reveling in the memories lately with the constant work of editing the photos I took on this trip.  Which, I will let you all know, will be on display at Bloom Cafe & Art House in Moscow, Idaho March 3rd for Moscow's First Thursday and then again for the month of April at Emerge Gallery in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  Both will have some of the same photos, but each show will also showcase special photographs that will only be shown at that specific show.
(stay tuned for more info - or e-mail me about any questions regarding)

With the joys of educational bliss about to come to a close at the end of this year, the hubbs and I have had multiple "what do we want to be when we grow up" sounded conversations and we couldn't help but feel, where the town we reside in now has been incredible and so near to our hearts, that it may be time to start renesting elsewhere.  Now, where that's 9-months or so down the road, conversations like those always lead to realizations about oneself, ones predicament or even those that one may surround themselves with.  I feel pretty lucky to be married to the man I snagged almost three years ago and last night I went upstairs to send out a couple emails and I saw this...

Married to a Forester | All Rights Reserved Heather Woolery 2016

Married to a Forester | All Rights Reserved Heather Woolery 2016

Being married to a forester has its days of way too early of a morning wake-up call, sap and who knows what stains on his jeans I'll never get out, and summer's tend to leave me quite lonely at times...but this man has been standing by me, helping me with every dream and ambition I hold near to my heart + he works his ass off for me and our two Things that run around like possessed monkeys.  This hat, so worn, yet so comfortable and loving incapsulates my husband better then anything I've found to date.

Childhood Residence | All Rights Reserved Heather Woolery 2016

Childhood Residence | All Rights Reserved Heather Woolery 2016

It doesn't matter where we live, or how much like nomads we resemble some days/weeks/months - our life is ours to live.  We're a family of four outrageously crazy not-normal normal humans all co existing together everyday through up's and down's.  We help one another, cheer each other on, fight with one another, snuggle and love one another.  We're as real of a family as it's gonna get, even if we have no ambitions for white picket fences at this point in time.  And that is the realization I needed to make.  There's no list of boxes to check off that I need to complete by the time by kids turn 18, or I'm married to my husband for 20-years.  Its just simply what makes our family run, that's all that matters.

So let my mini-but not so mini life lesson be a hug on this Friday afternoon before you step into your weekend.  No matter what your family looks like, whither your all related or not, find comfort, love and light in their presence knowing that this is exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.

With Grace and Guts,
Adventure With Purpose