the first 365-days after graduation: A CHALLENGE

I have always faced life's challenges with grace and guts - hence the forearm tattoo and the sign off on all my blog posts and e-mails which all led to the title of this blog.  This is because I feel like as a strong minded woman and mother, that everything should be faced with just that, grace and guts.

With graduation upon me, I have been stressed and a panic attack prone mess...I've been feeling like I have too much to do and nothing to do.  I've been feeling like I'm graduating for nothing...I mean...come on...what do I do with an ominous degree like art and writing? Yikes! 

Over the past five-years, I have had this unorganized list of things I've been wanting to do but never got to because, well, I was in school so it got put on the back burner.  I had just decided that I would do them once I graduated.  I kept telling myself, my husband, my mom these random hopes and wants - hoping by telling them, it would in fact hold me accountable.  But let's be honest, life happens and THATS what has been scaring me.  Life is about to happen and what I've been working towards has the high chance of falling through the inevitable cracks of life.

So.  I have decided to be drastic and create this social media challenge, documenting my first 365-days after graduation.  I've posted my list below and I will be challenging myself to uphold this list.  I'm not saying I have to perfect each thing, or be radical, but I am challenging myself to be myself.  To do things for me, even though I am a mother and wife.  To challenge myself creatively outside of my already creative job's.  Each day I will post to Instagram and weekly I will post here, confess, boast and celebrate the first 365-days after graduation.  This challenge is a space for me to be authentically me, to become.

I have transformed the + Lifestyle link on my website into the + 1st 365 to be the hub for this challenge, as it is my intent to share with you book reviews, recipes, and everything else along the way.  Collaborations are also still happening and you'll still see all of this and the other stuff on my blog...but now is the time to be silly, to be a little crazy and just exist.  So, I hope you'll follow along on this crazy journey.  I'm not sure where I'll be December 10th 2017, but there's only one way to find out. Take one day at a time. 365 times.

With Grace+Guts,

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