The Move...PDX


Something I've come to learn is that life is unpredictable.  And even more so when you think you've got a plan.  When I thought I was slowly getting used to being graduated and focusing on my work and my decided to happen.

In the few days between Christmas and New Years the hubby got a job offer in PDX, offered his dream job.  His face was so ignited I knew that this was it.  We were moving.

Both the hubb's and I have been life long Idaho dwellers, and 24-hours after the news, all that Idaho has been for me in these 25+ years came flooding over me with huge emotional, nostalgic waves.  This will forever be my home.  The place that grew me into the wild one that I pride myself to be.

So this is the news.  The big one.  So, on that note, if you live in North Idaho and have been wanting me to do your photos you have until June (or until April to book if you want it for a date past June 1st.)  I also have added an extra feature on my website in the Etc. section titled Travel Dates.  There you will now find my travel dates...and if I'm going to be in Idaho, I'll be listing it there and you can book a shoot during those dates posted.

And finally, if any of you lovely souls are in the PDX area...let's get connected.  I'm super jazzed about all the new collaboration and creativity that's about to insue.

So I guess as I always say,

With Grace+Guts,