365/ week 30: full steam ahead


Here I am...30 weeks after graduation, swamped in laundry, birthday party to-do's for my son, art event wonderful madness praying somewhere in all of this I'll get to sleep in one day this summer and eat nothing but stoffers mac n' cheese.

But this past week has been a crazy ride.  I got back from B.C. Monday, drove down to Boise, ID Tuesday for the fourth with family, drove back on Wednesday back home and nose dived into work yesterday.  

I'm quite sure I'm about 98.9% coffee at this point.

Wednesday night at about 11:30, my little North Idaho town got two sets of tremors from Montana's 5.8 earthquake which caused me to not be able to sleep till way later then anyone who has to get up at 5:00 am should.  

But here I am chugging away coffee, chasing after the new puppy, organizing a huge art event, spending countless hours in the studio and folding laundry (as such happens when laundry has been neglected for over a week) and just overtly greatful for this trip, for the wonderful clients I have and for all the puppy kisses I'm getting swamped in.

I promise I'll get the 2nd session up and my trip to B.C. on the blog as soon as possible...but for now...It's full steam ahead to make 5-year old Car's birthday party dreams come true, catch up on laundry, and make like a crazy artist.

With Grace+Guts,