365/ week 35: dwindling summer


Last week's post generated so many kind words in all the mediums and I just wanted to start out by saying thank you to everyone for all the love and support!  When it rains it pours, and it's really nice to know I have people in my life who would hold an umbrella for me (that's a really bad analogy, but i's 6:00 in the morning on a Sunday, so that's what I'm running with) basically....just thank you everyone!  You are amazing.

This past week, I unpacked all of the boxes I had packed, and even though I had purged while packing for our monster yard sale last weekend, I purged again while I un packed. This concept was on my 365-list, and I never would have thought that it would be this difficult.  Difficult because I have attached myself to material items, and difficult because I somehow miss stuff.  This would be the 5th attempt this year and now I'm FINALLY getting my little dwelling to the point I'd like to be at.

My studio is almost completed, the kids rooms are organized and ready for school to start (my "baby" starts Kindergarten this year, meaning I have no more "baby babies" under my roof!) the kitchen, both bathrooms, the living room and my room all have been purged, organized and cleaned.  And the only things I can say I honestly "need" are a new dinning table as the old one is now my studios conference/work table and more plants.

But plants and a table will have to wait.  Though our summer was spent on the prospect of moving, I put together a list of things for myself, and a list of things for my family and I to do from now through October to try and regain a little ground.  Even though school will be back in session, that hasn't made the warm days go away and we're going to soak it all up.

First things first...I hit the road today to start a 10-day venture to put my soul back in it's place, to take a million photos, feel the air through my hair, listen to some amazing music, reconnect with friends, and soak up sun, river and road.

I have never been able to sit still, trust me!  I even have a 13-hr clock tattoo on myself because of this concept.  We could be at Disneyland, in Germany anywhere as a child and I would ask my parents "whats next, where are we going now?" It was never that I was ungrateful, let alone not enjoying the moment.  Because I always was, but my soul likes to wander and when I put a leash on it the anxiety I've been fighting my whole life builds into a toxic melody and it's crippling.

I have like no money due to a fun run with needing to reprogram my car and get new keys this week with my loosing my only car key (oopsy) but something purging my house has taught me...material things have only a moments value of worth.  What lasts is the memories, the feelings, the lessons learned.  So camera in tow, I am off.

Go Wander my Babes, trust me, it will look good on you.

With Grace+Guts,