Week Favorites//January 9th 17

AH! I haven't done one of these in a while...BOO!  I will try to be better about that!  
So, all weekend our tiny town was hit with winter rain showers, for it to last night deep freeze...causing school closures and me begging for warmer weather. (OH! Mother Nature please hear this little plea of mine!)

With all this bone chilly weather I've found that I've really been drinking a lot more herbal tea and have been focusing on uplifting movies, music and books.  I've also been purging my abode, finding joy in more special items in my home (see the whale utensil holder below...So Cute!!!)

Here's to hoping warmer weather is around the corner!  What are some of your favorite winter buster tricks?

With Grace+Guts,


- La La Land.  YES! It is all that everyone is saying it is!  Super Swoon and dance worthy.
  Find show times HERE. 
I just recently found Authored Adornments Box on Etsy and I ordered my first box (January is
  Pride and Prejudice!!!)  You order the box and it will come at the end of the month with goodies
  based off of the book!  I'm so excited.  Find it and other book goodies HERE.
- Like I said, I'm loving me some tea with all the coffee I was drinking and my skin drying out.  I
  really have been loving Teavana's CHAMOMILE BLOOM HERBAL TEA <3
- No. 1 on my reading list is "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur.  Get this woman empowering
  collection of poems HERE.
- I have covered my home in baby succulents...I need green, I mean Pantone say's it's the color of
  the year!
- This little whale is far too adorable to deny.  And it's useful, which is my Number One deal
   breaker for me as I slowly move into the minimalist life...it can be cute and beautiful but it also
   has to be useful and this little whale by Etsy shop Claylicious does just that.