365/ week 38: getting into the saddle


And just like that the freedom of summer ended as I sent off my two baby's to school (yes, I cried...I'm still crying...but proud happy tears I promise).  Thankfully, warmer day's haven't cut off so quickly and we've got some plans to take advantage of the longer weekend as a family.

This week I've spent countless hours in the studio, finally back to making with my hands again.  I also haven't put my camera down and even updated the website (have you noticed? what do you think?)

I'm going to start making/selling pre-sets for lightroom and letting you all download for free some of my doodles and creations for your desktops. So keep an eye out for those as they update. 

Someday's I feel like I suck and I'm failing and I need to just give up on all of this and then other day's I put on my favorite plaid, crank up the girl power tunes and bust butt.  But that's life, it comes in waves, it has up's and down's, and as long as there's coffee, I'm on board for the ride!

I hope you all have a wonderful longer weekend.

With Grace+Guts,