Weekend Favorites 11/20/26

Well, though there are a few states that still have yet to feel full autumn weather, it seems winter is upon us in the Northwest.  We have snow forecasted for every day next week (now granted we'll see if that stays that way) but I'm in full swing to bunker down and get cozy.

Though I've known how to crochet for years now, I had never dared to attempt making a beanie...it looked so daunting.  Leave it to my four-year old to beg for a matching hat to the scarf I made him last night.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and Google!  They are mom savers!!!  Though there are a few oopsy's on the hat, it turned out okay for a first try, and my son doesn't seem to mind as he's kept it on his head most of the day.

In lew of the cooler weather and Thanksgiving upon us, I thought it would be good to share with all of you some of my favorites, what I'm eye-balling this autumn/winter season and whats helping me get through the hustle of Thanksgiving.  (Be sure to check back this week for my special post on some of my favorite small shops...your NOT going to want to miss all the goodies!)

I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
With Grace+Guts,


• Ritter Sport Chocolate: being raised in a German home, this is a staple in my life! good chocolate is like a good pair of shoes!
Holiday Wreath: Tis' the season and Pinterest is full of sensational ideas like this one from Plum Pretty Sugar on Tumbler.
Moleskine Sketchbook: I've only been using Moleskine's watercolor sketchbooks for the past few years!  Their perfect for jotting down lists, ideas and doodles.
Leather Tote: a tote like this beautiful one off of Etsy shop allbyFEDI are ideal for holiday shopping or gabbing a cup of holiday cheer at Starbucks.
Joseph: This band has been on my Spotify repeat!
Fringe Cardigan: A little bit of western, a little bit of snuggly, a little bit of rebel. I'm in love with this cardi by Madewell.
Book Season: tis' the season for snuggling up with a good book, and I'm currently hooked on Chloe Caldwell's, I'll Tell You In Person.
Holiday Lotion: and candles, and anything else scented! Bath and Body Works officially has their holiday line out and it's divine.
Vintage Loafers: this is a type of shoe, I doubt I'll ever have enough off. These cute little yellow ones from ModCloth are too cute.