First off, let me say one thing;

I want to meet with you over coffee

…because in all honesty, I can write as much I want here, but there’s nothing that can replace the importance of being personable. Especially when it comes to such an important thing as choosing who’s going to capture one of your biggest chapters of your life. But let me begin with saying that over my years of being a photographer I’ve learned I don’t want to be just a vendor that shows up on your wedding day, takes some photos and then after I deliver your gallery we never talk again.

I want to be involved in the experience of you getting married. I want to capture something that’s a little deeper, more meaningful. What I need from you is openness, the ability to get to know who you are as a couple…because in the end, what it comes down to is connection.

I want to get my shoes muddy with you, warm up over coffee together, and capture all the spontaneous and gritty moments that happen. These are the moments that make up your wedding day. I don’t want you to be worried about me capturing the perfect photos, or if everything is running perfectly. I want you to be present in the moment.

I want you to feel every emotion that floods over you, and not worry about the wedding production trap. Feel connected to the people who’ve come to celebrate with you, breathe in the air that surrounds you. Because in 10-15 years down the road you’ll find that getting married was the most perfect moment because it was YOUR moment.

I specialize in smaller and more intimate weddings of 130 people or less. Whole weekend wedding day rendezvous, taking a trip somewhere special and beautiful, or one day magic against the open sky, I’m so humbled to be there for you.


If this feels like you. If you want to plan something meaningful, intimate and maybe a little more adventurous and amazing, email me and let me help you plan something authentically you. I take on a limited number of weddings and elopements each year so that I can be invested and present for you and your story. You are uniquely you unlike anyone else, and I love that.

I want to absorb all that makes you who you are as a couple so that I am able to capture your most honest selves. I will not make you do something that isn’t you, or make you feel uncomfortable. I am so passionate about what I do, and truly love getting to know each of my couples, that getting to do this for you is so humbling and exciting for me.

Let’s meet over coffee:
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IN-STATE (Idaho)
Elopements please email for quote
Weddings please email for quote
Engagements/Couples start at $400
(prices include basic travel fee’s)

Elopements please email for quote
Weddings please email for quote
Engagements/Couples start at $400
(prices include basic travel fee’s)

* 5% of all booked sessions gets donated to trail
preservation foundations and the National Park Foundation.



invest in your story

>>> Wedding photography is many things, but it mostly is an investment. After your dress is boxed up, the rentals and the tux returned, cake eaten, the florals dried and the guests have left, you want to know that you will never forget that night...the night when you started the most amazing adventure yet.


The Process

Heather Woolery Photography North Idaho Elopement

Mindful Presentation

When it comes to capturing your day I am so passionate and humbled. I go over the top investing into my couples because cultivating a relationship with them is bottom line important to me. You day is put together by all the candid unplanned moments of hugs and kisses, tears and smiles. And those are the moments I aim to capture to insure your story is told for generations to come.



When all is said and done, every package comes with a personal online gallery with both social media sized files as well as high-resolution sized files perfect for printing. Every package also comes with a USB with all your images, a print shop link and a lifetime print release form. Photo books are also available from the ala carte options.



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>>> My work has been printed in multiple magazines including Wedventure Magazine,
Rocky Mountain Bride and Oregon bride. I’ve also been feature in several bridal blogs including
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