Potlatch Corp was looking for something that was "one of a kind" and "unique" that would stand out in their line of work of forestry.

I wanted to give them something that felt warm and like family versus just a dollar bill. So I hand illustrated the majority of this project, from the brochure elements, the plantable coaster inserts right to the outside of the envelopes. I was apart of the paper picking process, finding the right printer and in the end was able to create something that forestry hasn't seen on the floor to date.

This hand out isn't just a "throw-away" but really makes the viewer take time to look it over. I chose a heavier weighted paper so that it weighs in the hand when a customer picks it up. Quality printing and all of the hand touches gives the brochure a warmth which my clients were looking for.

Final Brochure

3_final_Potlatch Brochure_edited07:19:17 copy.jpg
3_final_Potlatch Brochure_edited07:19:17 copy 2.jpg

blueaster_Coaster copy.jpg
Coaster insert which was plantable with Idaho native flowers.
ConeFlower_Coaster copy.jpg

Personal envelope packaging
Potlatch Corp_Envelopes_twotrees copy.jpg