Sage and Spruce

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Sage and Spruce is a workshop for KINSHIP!
Tailored for female photographers who are ready to help cultivate and be a part of a community over competition and encourage lifelong friendships with all the vendors, creatives and even clients we interact with in the industry.

This workshop is designed to be beneficial for photographers at any stage in their photography or creative careers. We will have live shoots, wine, creative classes to allow our creativity to grow and of course instruction and talks from both Heather and Mari.

If you find that you’re in need of encouragement, to have your creative cup filled or just to take time to interact and connect with other creative women, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. 

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W O R K S H O P • W E E K

I am so humbled that I will be a part of Wedventure’s Workshop Week May 5-10 2019 in Central Oregon! If you haven’t heard about this unique workshop, stop what your doing and go check it out NOW!

I will be teaching a breakout session on how to not limit yourself to social media…your going to have Coffee with Heather. We’re going to talk about how to building your business and brand outside of social media and how to cultivate a community.

Seats are limited